This Crop Circle inspired me to send out this Mayan Oracle message to you all!

June 3, 2010



I will try to make this lead in short (famous last words!)...

Yesterday, June 3rd, I discovered that a crop circle had turned up in England that appeared to EXACTLY reflect what I'd spent 3 hours writing the night before, (off computer) June 2nd! It totally tripped me out because it reeeeally felt like we were speaking the exact same symbol language at the exact same time - connected! (co-creation at work?) Here are my edited ravings + some extra bits that I discovered yesterday as I was going through The Mayan Oracle cards to take a picture of the webby-looking card...

When I first saw this crop circle this morning I said to myself, "Wow - those are all our Expanded Sun Selves! We've expanded so much that we are overlapping each other...totally connected...and forming the Vesica Piscis as we do so. THAT was the first thing. Then it dawned on me I had written about this last night! I was writing what is going to be a Note on "How Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Aries is urging all of us to Self-Realize on a massive scale!" and in it are these words: "Maybe each of us, individually, will grow so big in our benevolence that we will start overlapping and create a whole new world with values that resonate with the new field we've co-created and tapped into?"

Isn't that crazy!? I mean - it couldn't be more perfect! If I were to create a design to symbolically represent that concept this crop circle would be it! Sooooooo cool. But the coincidences don't stop there! The circles with the dot in the center are the exact astrological symbol for the Sun - who we are and who we are becoming. There are 12 Suns all linked up - when I see 12 displayed like that I automatically think of western astrology charts that are divided into 12 houses - each represented by one of the 12 astrological signs. The 13th in the middle blew me away because of my discovery a few years ago that one could overlay one's 13-day Wavespell onto the western chart - to glean more insight into oneself (a perennial navel gazer, I have to admit). In the Dreamspell/Mayan astrology there are 13 tones and we each get a personal 13 day Wavespell that happens every 260 days. Each of the days has a specific symbolic energy attached to it. SO - you can overlay the 12 days/tones/daykeepers onto the 12 house western astrological system and then, it felt quite fitting to me, to put the 13th tone/daykeeper at the very center of one's chart representing the energy of 13 which, in this system is: Surrendering to the Perfection of All That Is. (aaaah the ease of that eh?) It's kind of the summing up of ALL of you - it synthesizes all 12 houses/energies. SO - that tripped me out - seeing that in this crop circle, too! (for all your dreamspell lovers out there check out the 13th day of your Wavespell - see what daykeeper it is and see if it does really indicate an all-encompassing energy of your self that you surrender to)

To top it off the Vesica Piscis has been a favourite symbol for a long time - I made it the logo for the crop circle t-shirts I created in 2002 - it was on the back of every t-shirt!

But that is not all (I sound like a salesman, I know, but I'm just excited) - the last symbol that I am really familiar with and that goes with the theme is the spider-like web shape in the middle. This is the symbol for one of the Lenses in the book The Mayan Oracle (which I work with a lot). The book has descriptions (and cards) of the 20 Daykeepers, 13 Tones and 11 Lenses. This spider-web Lens is called: Dreamer and Dreamed (oooh don't you love that??)

Then, yesterday as I was taking a photo of the card for this image I came across another Lens which is the Sun/Self lens! Ahhhhhhhh- HA! Two messages here for everyone, I thought! This Lens is called The Language of Light (which is, actually, the language that the whole book, The Mayan Oracle, is written in - there's a big introduction about this in the book)

SO, I really feel that one of the reasons I had all these resonations with this crop circle is to share the messages of these two cards with you! It's kinda llike a cosmic crop circle tarot card reading for all of you, isn't it!?

Language of Light:

This lens heralds your approach to an interdimensional gateway. Be watchful - the language of light, the energy of your God Self, is assisting you in the crafting of your light body. This loving creation occurs through subtle transmissions of energy that can be sensed as pulses of light, colour, sound, or heightened vibration.

Trust and develop this sacred language. It is encoded in your feelings. You will know when you have been touched by this abstract language when you have a sudden sense of union, transcendence, or expanded perception (Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries June 6/7th!). Learn to use your feelings as your spiritual steering mechanism. Let your heart be your compass. Allow this ancient mode of communication to spark memories of your purpose and destiny.

Symbols act as a means for decoding this abstract language. You do not have to "understand" symbols; their meaning affects you on a supraconscious level that permeates all aspects of your being. Rather then relying on meanings fixed in memory, be receptive to your innate responses to symbols and metaphors. Let them ignite your own mythic coding, acting as a "rapid transit" between realities. Colors are also part of this language. Notice and work with the colors that strongly attract you.

Remember, you are the knower. Fly into the pure state of consciousness where there are no words. Open to receive your native tongue, the galactic language of light. Feel the pulse of reunion, lovingly tendered as a gift of grace.

Dreamer and Dreamed:

Your personal dream is unfolding. You are the dreamer revealing the dream. Be present. Be aware. Remember that you are the ancient sage who carries the wisdom of lifetimes into this moment, and that this dream offers you the opportunity to merge all that you have been and may become. Time and space are folding. Stop and feel the interweaving of threads in the new dream. Be aware of potent dreams, chance meetings, catalytic books, and unusual encounters. As you recognize these threads from the larger dream, an exciting tapestry of meaning and purpose emerges.

The dreamer is awakening, destiny is dawning. See how your past has brought you into the present and how the present catapults you into the future. Watch for strong feelings and intuitive knowings: patterns, images, colors, sounds and sensations. Bring the mythic expression of yourself into the dream of your daily life!

Free yourself from the way you normally view the world. You are the dreamer and the dreamed. In the collective dreamfield, all things are possible and are constantly being created. By choosing to become a conscious dreamer, you are helping to create the new reality of the larger dream, the greater reality unfolding.

Isn't that an amazing message!?! And for all your Dreamspell/Light Center people out there - remember how Blue Night represented 2010 (Jan 1, 2010's energy) and we were all talking about how we are consciously dreaming and co-creating a beautiful world into place this year a la Blue Night's energy? (I wrote about that last night too!) Soooo I am pretty tripped out by this crop circle. All my thoughts last night are in it. Ooooo the world is certainly magical isn't it??

I will be sending out the note I wrote on June 2nd in the next couple of days - it's all about Uranus' new movement into Aries and how Jupiter moves into Aries, too, on June 6th/7th - and how there is an amazing opportunity for us for the next 7 years while Uranus is in Aries - Evolving Self Revolution!

Dream it alive, you guys!


PS: excerpts from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner.


About this photo:

1. Language of Light card pulled from The Mayan Oracle card deck that comes with the book
2. The crop circle that is a faithful reflection of my thoughts and blew me away!
3. Dreamer and Dreamed card pulled from The Mayan Oracle card deck