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January 2005 - Mexico

Surprise, I came to find myself living in Mexico!


I offer the following experience to you in hopes that it will inspire you to request assistance from your higher self (or guides, or Universe, or Divine energy...whatever you believe in) and follow your intuition and guidance that you receive...

During the Blue Crystal Storm year I felt an urge to break free of the 10 year relationship I was in. Allowing the truth of the matter to bubble up from my subconscious self into the light of my consciousness was difficult...but then deciding what to do and how to do it became the most torturous ordeal. (we all know that breaking up is soooooo tormenting!)

On November 13th, 2004 (Friday the 13th!) I was working from home on my computer having the most frustrating day I've had in a long time: I could not send any messages...I could RECEIVE messages, but I could not send any!! I knew there was a major symbol in all of this...and I tried, with my brother's help (he's a computer expert) to fix the problem for hours on end. He said he had never seen anything like it. I feel certain that I was, energetically, effecting my computer and the ability to send-receive flowingly. I was blocked.

During this frustrating day my boyfriend came home and we started a serious relationship conversation. I just blurted out: I need to be alone! I need a change! Then, of course, cried and cried and cried...

About one week earlier I had had the revelation: I can leave! It's probably easier for me to leave than for him to leave (my job is portable). So I started thinking about where I could go. I've always been a lover of Europe so I automatically thought of France or Italy. I tried to imagine myself there and I searched for places to rent on the internet. But, the vision didn't gel. I couldn't see myself in France or Italy - it just wasn't happening. Didn't feel right. Couldn't find the right place.

So...on this very frustrating day, as I sat at my desk at my window I looked up to the heavens and, with tears in my eyes and the most sincere intensity ever I pleaded: "Show me where to go!!!! I need to go somewhere! Show me! Give me a sign within 24 hours. Pleeeeeeease!!!" There was alot of feeling behind my request and I was desperate. (I think the intensity helps!)

Interestingly, I didn't know at the time, but my intense plea to the Universe to help me took place during the run of ten GAP days during the intense Red Serpent Wavespell that took place in November 2004. Little did I know of the magical powers of this period! (you can click on that link to learn more about how to co-create with this energy)

That night the plan was to go out to my girlfriends place, sit by the fire outside and have some drinks with another of my girlfriends. It turns out that it wasn't just going to be the three of us because one of my friends had her really good friend in town so...we told her to come along too. This was the first real time I've hung around with this girl. Spontaneous. New. We all had a great time that night by the fire (well, I was a little dull, as I recall, but trying to make the best of it - I didn't talk about the fact that I wanted to go somewhere to get away) then...

The next morning we all went for breakfast. During the breakfast this new friend started talking about a great, little fishing and surfing village she went to in Mexico! My ears perked up. Everything she said about this village totally resonated with every part of my being. I looked at my other friend who knew that I was looking for somewhere to go and she knew, too. An explosion took place and I told everyone that I had requested a sign within 24 hours that would give me a huge, unmistakeable Road Sign pointing to where I needed to go. Well...the sign had come in 16 hours flat~!

The more we talked about the pueblo in Mexico the more I was sure that this was the place I was being guided to go.

One of the biggest synchronicities was the fact that I had dreamt of Mexico 3 times in October!!! (before I'd even had the idea that I could go somewhere) And, what was really crazy about that was, that when I was writing the dreams down I thought: Mexico??? What? I NEVER think of Mexico! I'd never been there - didn't want to go there - had no interest in Mexico. I was a total Europe-o-phile!

In the Mexico dreams of October 2004 there were groups of young, creative, friendly people (yup!), young men that liked me (nice!), crumbling buildings (my own structure crumbling and transforming....I was in a 11-Spectral-Letting Go-Liberation year after all!! Find out what personal year you are in right now)....and there was even a dark-skinned lover (that's another story!)...So, Mexico it is! How could I not go? This was the sign, I knew it with all of my being.

The clincher (as if I needed more confirmation!) was the fact that the name of the village, numerologically, is a 27/9....and my Life Path is a 27/9 as is my name: Tracey! Crazy eh?

My girlfriend and I have beeing saying for years now, as we have opened up to being aware of all the synchronicities and stunning magicalness of Life: I can't believe it!!! But....we are trying to change our exclamation to: I can believe it!! (heh heh)

So, to finish the story off: I booked my ticket for Mexico for 2 months: January and February 2005. It was life-changing. Exactly what I needed. (thank you higher self!)

For the first month I spent most of my time by myself, sitting on the large boulders surrounded by dynamic ocean (it is verrrry powerful energetically down there! It felt like the dynamism of the crashing waves were breaking down and washing away all the old stuff that was no longer needed (Pluto, that powerful force, was actually squaring my Saturn as soon as I arrived) - purifying me - then, at the same time, filling me up with life-affirming power)...communing with it all.

The second month I came out of hiding and starting meeting more people - my White Dog guide has definitely been doing it's job of guiding me towards companions of destiny!

In March I came home and my boyfriend and I broke up - then I flew back to Sayulita for April, May and June. This second trip was even more magical than the first! (utterly amazing)

The transformative powers of Blue Crystal Storm freed me into being absolutely fearless and feeling the most free I've felt in all my life...(and PS: we're in a Blue Resonant Storm year right now, so if you want support in accessing your Freedom click on the little link above :)

So...don't forget to request assistance when you need it - the energies are right there just waiting to hear your request! That's what the energies love to do you just have to ask.



Feliz en Mexico!

Update July 2009 - Four and a half years later I am still living in Mexico and loving it! Still with the Mexican guy who turned up in that dream before Mexico was even a glimmer in my eye (incidentally that dream laid out what our 'issues' would be to a T - I think we're both learning a lot) and life-long dream has been fulfilled and I have Land!! Yes. About to build a small house on it and plant a garden. I have tropical fruit trees in abundance there already - now the land just needs me and my love and attention!

Wanna hear how the dream I'd had in October 2004 laid out our relationship issues loud and clear? (well I'm gonna tell you! :) I mean, it's sooooo strange. In October 2004 Mexico wasn't even a glimmer in my eye and along comes this dream of a dark-skinned guy, totally not the normal body type that I'm attracted to and after the most passionate kiss I've ever had in a dream (I usually run away in the dreams or the kisses are totally lame and disappointing!) and after lots of little incidences he shrunk to be very very short. So, I picked him up and kissed him. I could feel him squirming....he didn't like that at all! I could feel his masculinity being wounded. So then I knelt down on my knees to kiss him. Eeeewwwww, I sure didn't like that feeling! Totally subjugated. Yuck! Soooo the only solution was for both of us to stand at our normal heights and lean forward and meet in the middle. Ha! Can you believe it? So, I guess you can guess what our issues were? Control. Yup. Who has the Power! Pretty wild that our relationship was written before I was actually called to Mexico eh?

Life is Amazing.

(Amazingly Trippy!)

You've gotta engage with it - be a participant....Co-Create!


Update September 2012: My house is up and I am just working on the finishing now (which will take years of fun...) Sooooo exciting! When all this started I had no idea I would be guided to fulfill a life-long dream of designing and building my own house on an acreage of fruit trees. It's absolutely nuts.


Remember to dream all the time...!

All the fruit trees I am caretaking and loving...