Visions that come True!

These photos are a re-enactment of the moving vision that I had when I was in my early 20's...


I can't recall exactly where I was when I had this vision but I know that I wasn't asleep and I wasn't dreaming. It came to me in a flash, fully-formed. Likely I was washing the dishes or having a bath. It seems that I get most of my intuitive flashes when a part of my physical body is immersed in water. I think this is pretty normal since water is a conductor :) It has great sending/receiving properties!

The oh-so-simple vision I had was of looking down at my own tanned legs walking on a dusty dirt road, in sandals and a skirt. The feeling that went along with the visual was that I was a confident, mature Woman. It felt very foreign to me, since I was a definitely not a 'mature woman' in my early 20's! The age '36' popped into my mind and so I thought: hmmmmm....I wonder if this is how I will feel when I'm 36? And...where is this? Why am I tanned? I had hoped that it was me in Southern France on a sweet little dirt road in the country...

I never forgot that vision.

The year I was thirty-six came and went. Hmmm....

Then, at thirty-eight, I was called to Mexico and it happened. Yes, it did!

One sweet day I was walking along a dusty dirt road with the dust kicking up around my ankles since it hadn't rained in months and I looked down at my tanned legs and my skirt swooshing as I walked and, was like I blended with the vision. It was amazing! There I was. In the vision! Wow. It felt like my current 38 year old self had sent my younger self this vision as if to say: "Don't you worry, everything will be just's a vision-feeling of how you will feel when you're older. Feels nice, doesn't it? You're welcome :) "

Soooo....don't forget to send your younger self some juicy vision-feeling packets of goodness! Your whole self will really appreciate it!

And, if you've already received a vision and you resonate with it, your attraction to it will pull it closer and closer to you until, voila, you're living it!