Mosquito Nets for sale!


I have two styles: round hoop style that hangs from the ceiling and fits over a bed up to King size or the square type that fits over a 4-poster Queen or King bed frame.

Round Hoop Style: 450 pesos
4 Poster Style: /650 pesos



Round Hoop Style Mosquito Net
450 pesos

Usually I have white ones and the odd blue ones in stock. I can special order the following colours: red, pink, blue, black and lilac.




4-Poster Style Mosquito Net
650 pesos

Mosquito nets made for a bed like this or you can just hang it from the ceiling.





Because each corner has a ring you can actually hang it from the ceiling over your bed - you don't actually need a 4-poster bed. This gives you ALOT of mosquito-free space in your bed!


In this style I have white available right now but I can special order the following colours: red, blue, black and lilac.


***All mosquito nets are 100% polyester - which makes them long-lasting down here in this unforgiving climate. They are easy to wash and hang to dry***


Please email me at tracey* if you're interested, gracias!
(PS: the * is an @ sign!)