The 'Egg of Potential' Exercise

By Bartholomew


This exercise resonates beautifully with the Yellow Cosmic Seed energy



I discovered Bartholomew through the Nirvikalpa Site in December 2004. I had put a Bartholomew book on my Christmas list so that I could take it with me to Mexico when I went in January but, alas, the small publisher takes approximately 2 months to ship - so I didn't have the book with me in Mexico. Or so I thought!

In the small fishing village there was one small bookstore with not very many shelves of second hand books in English. You have already guessed it, right? Yes! There was my Bartholomew book! I snatched it up, knowing that I was meant to have it on this life-changing trip.

The book was, Reflections of an Elder Brother, and it is filled with soul-expanding exercises, like the one below. I recommend it to anyone that is seeking positive change in their life. Just reading Bartholomew makes you feel good, vital, human and spirit love with the experience of being alive in all it's myriad of experiences...

I rediscovered the exercise that I call the "Egg of Potential" a couple of weeks ago when I took my good friend through it. This exercise is the perfect thing to do now that we're in the Yellow Cosmic Seed year - as you are literally putting your heart's desire into the Egg/Seed in order that it may grow and blossom.

I suggest that you do not read through the whole exercise - but that you read Part One: do the exercise...then read Part Two: do the exercise and so on.

If there are two or more of you one of you can take the other(s) through the exercise, slowly.

I have made some comments below, in italics.

Enjoy this experience and are
Pure Conscious Awareness!


What you will need for the exercise

A big piece of paper and coloured pencil crayons to create your egg shape and your heart's desire.


Part One

Please take out paper and pencil. We will begin with an exercise to illustrate creating through the outbreath. On a large piece of paper, draw a circular shape that touches all four sides. This will create a space that appears either as a circle or an egg-shape.

The challenge is to dare and fill that shape with things that will make you happy. Again and again you define your lives, not in positive terms about who you do want to be, but in negative terms of who you do not want to be. As long as this is your orientation, you will be fighting the natural flow of the universe. The universe wants to help you create those things that give you happiness. The universe moves toward joy and light and creative abundance. You see this in the incredible abundance of nature. It creates endless delights out of itself. The same is possible for you. So begin by deciding what abundance you really want, and what creative delights you really want to experience. Then list those delights carefully in the circle on your paper. Be as specific as you can because you are beginning to create a new sense of who you are.

(Remember not to limit your heart's desire in any way whatsoever! The sky is the limit. It is interesting, also, to notice what you leave out, or forget - it is very telling! Expand to include all that you are...all that you desire to be, experience, do, have, feel in your life.)

Pause. Exercise continues.


Part Two

Holding these creative hopes in mind, we are now going to influence the future.

Imagine it's your last day on earth and you are quietly dying. Picture yourself in a relaxed position on a comfortable seat next to a flowing river. Take as long as you need to really feel and see this clearly...

When you feel some degree of reality about this image, ask yourself what specific energies you want to be filled with when you leave this realm of existence. Don't just limit it to those things of the so-called spirit. Address the fact you have a physical body. What condition do you want it to be in? You have a mind. What thoughts do you want present? You have emotions. What emotions do you want to feel? What do you want your inner self to be like? Address the totality of your being. If someone were to walk up to you as you were dying, what would you want them to see and feel? What would you want them to experience as they sit quietly with you? When this scenario has been deeply felt, write down those things you found you wished to be at the end of your life. Place these in the sphere on your paper.

(If you are taking someone else through this exercise make sure you pause after each question. And if you are doing this for yourself, some memorization will come in handy! Questions to ask yourself: 1. How do I feel physically? How do I want to feel physically? 2. How do I feel mentally? How do I want to feel mentally? 3. How do I feel emotionally? How do I want to feel emotionally. 4. What does my inner self feel like? 5. A beloved walks up and sits by do I want them to feel, what do I want them to see? What do they experience?)

Pause. Exercise continues.

Part Three

So far in this vision you have been seated. Now stand up and begin a walk. Where you walk is up to you. It can be beside the river, or upon a mountain, along the beach, in a meadow, through a shopping mall, or wherever your particular idea of walking at this ending time would be.

As you are walking, look at what you pass and record everything you experience, as you notice now one thing, then another. What is your response to all that you see? What do you, now filled with your chosen energies, feel as you move from flower to tree to bush?

Describe these energies fully on your paper.

Pause. Exercise continues.

Part Four

Now that you have experienced the effect you have on your world, let us experience how your world would respond to you.

You go by a bush, stop a moment. How does the bush respond? The tree? The flower? The animals? The stop sign on the comer? What do these things see in you?

As you move along, get a feeling for how those things in your world would perceive you as you walk through them. How would your world respond if you were filled with this kind of intense, aware presence? Please take in everything. If you happen to be by a stream, include the fish and rocks. Make this real. Envision the impact you would have on the environment if you were simply walking about in this new, expanded state of Wholeness.

Pause until finished.

The High Mesa Foundation
© 1989 Softcover


(Were you amazed by the feelings you had during this exercise? I know that my friends and I were!)

Bartholomew continues:

As you begin to create the vision of how this action of outbreath would affect your world, you also create the chance of really having it manifest. That which you dwell upon becomes real. The more you remember what you want to experience and give to the world, the more you will experience those energies. Please understand, you are afraid of creating your own life or death because you are afraid of creating against God. But, if you really are a son or daughter of God, it is time for you to claim the fullness of what that means. The Divine does not want the worst for you or even the mediocre. It wants the best.

As you imagine yourself experiencing all the highest attributes you can imagine, you are fulfilling God's will for you. Peace. Wisdom. Strength. Power. Limitlessness. Love. Gratitude. This is a beginning. What you have written down is the beginning of what you can do, and what you can have in your life, if you start being courageous and stop being afraid of creation. The view of yourself you have placed within the egg-shaped space is the possible you. It isn't by chance you created the particular image you see there. You have the total potential to be that now, not in the future, but right now! If you can imagine it, you can become it. It is already you, in there, in that egg, waiting to be born. How do you make it manifest? Concentrate on it. Experience what those energies feel like. How many times have we said energy follows thought? What you turn your awareness to becomes manifest. The job is simply to make it more and more real.

The "trick" of creation on the physical plane is simple. 'Above' this plane is another world we could call the world of the geometric perfection. When you imagine, you are activating this geometric world with your mind and will. When you have put enough power into your vision by concentrating on it, it projects "downward" from the geometric world into this one. The world of geometric perfection does not have moral judgement. It is a power source. Just as you can use electricity to either illuminate a lamp or to execute someone, so does this power have nothing to say about what is created from it. I tis just there to be used. It supplies you with abundant power to be used as you 'will.'

So the view of yourself you created today is now somewhere in that geometric world, taking form to the extent that you empower it. The more you return your awareness to it, the more you activate the principle of that plane of existence. You do not need to know how it is going to manifest in your lives, my friends. If you start to worry about the 'how' you are lost because you will once again be caught up in the limitations of earth plane consciousness. Every time you have a thought, it activates a pattern somewhere. So choose what you want to activate!

The High Mesa Foundation
© 1989 Softcover


From Tracey: I have found that when I'm not feeling at peace all I need to do is recall my place by the river and all the feelings of gratitude and love come flooding back to me...and when I open my eyes the world seems sparkly and new - as though it has a reaction to my good energy and I react to it's beauty (the very vitality of the physical world appears beautiful - even if something appears 'ugly'). Sooo....use the place that you visited and the feelings you were flooded with to center you into what's important so you can see the world and yourself with fresh eyes.

Individuals with planets in Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio are urged to do this exercise and find this place of peace, love and gratitude because, since Saturn moved into Leo (end of July) and Mars is in Taurus (until Feb 2006), the stern Teacher, Saturn, may be challenging you more lately...and peace could come in handy! Remember, though, that you signed up for Saturn and that his energy is showing you turning your focus towards issues that you need to learn. Life Lessons. With Saturn energy you can master these things that may perhaps give you fear, make you feel restricted, feel challenged by....

Remember that Expansion (Jupiter's energy) can hold anything and everything...and Saturn's challenges become very small when your consciousness is expanded. You can hold it all!