Excerpt from "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth"

by Dolores Cannon

Dolores' questions are in italics and the client's super-conscious reply is in plain type.

If we keep each of our universe-selves at peace, and we keep it in balance, then we are passing the test. Then we can withstand anything. And those things that are happening in the world are really to test the whole; all of us.

You mean to not get caught up into the fear?

Yes. Turn the TV off. Don't listen to it. Don't read the paper. Don't get caught up in it. Your world is what you create here. (Touched her body again)

In your own body.

Yes. In your own space here. This is your own universe here. If every person creates peace and harmony in their own universe, then that's the universe they're creating in that fifth dimensional Earth. The more people who can create peace and harmony in this body universe, the more people who will be in that fifth dimensional new Earth. The ones who can't create peace and harmony in this body universe, are not passing the test. That's the test.

We're trying to do this to keep the war from happening, or to lessen it anyway.

I'm being told that it doesn't matter what happens because it's all a game. It's all a play. And the things that are happening are there for a reason. And the reason at the moment is to test each human being to find out where they are in their own evolution. And so if we hold peace and light here (the body), we don't have to worry about whether there's a war or not. It's only an illusion anyway.

But right now it seems very real, and it could have some very disastrous effects.

Yes, but that's fear for each individual. Our job is to help each individual find peace here (the body). And then, of course, as you bring more people together, who have peace and harmony within their own body universe, then instead of the blackness spreading, that spreads. And that creates this whole new world. All you need to do is focus here (the body) creating your heaven on Earth. Each human being creating their own paradise on Earth. That's all you have to do. And coming together with others who are creating their own paradise on Earth. And then expanding that energy out. And before you know it, you've changed the world. You don't even think about the world. What you focus on is what you create. Think about peace. The main thing people have to understand is that, what they focus on expands. So, if they focus on, if they can replace predictions with something that is wonderful that they want, and expand that. Then they can create their own Paradise on Earth.

And I'm being shown in your book The Convoluted Universe (Book 1), you give a description of thought. I'm being told to remind you about this. You talk about an energy ball the size of a grapefruit. And that ball has energy strands. And I'm changing this as I go. Energy strands which go over each other and transverse each other. And those energy strands can do anything they like. They can split, and they can become four energy strands. They can weave. They can multiply. They can go backwards. They can zip up. They can do absolutely anything. And this is the ball of possibility. When you think a thought, it doesn't just disappear. It becomes an energy strand. It becomes energy. It moves into that ball of possibility. So, imagine your thought becoming energy. And the more energy you give it, the stronger that becomes. And then it manifests, and it becomes real. It becomes physical. If you send a thought out that there's going to be peace. And then you follow it with, "Oh, but that war is getting worse," or "Those politicians are making a mistake." You weaken the energy: the positive strand you brought out. So we have to teach people to send out the positive thought, and then to reinforce it with more positive thoughts. And we have to teach them that when one of those negative thoughts comes into their mind, not to just let it go, but to replace it with a positive thought. So that they're adding to that energy ball of possibility. They're contributing to it. We have to teach them to do that. They do not know how to do that.

And, everyone is working to change the Earth. And the driving force must come from love and service."

That was an excerpt from "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth" by DoloresCannon

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Let's contribute our positive thought strands to that ball of Possibility and make it massive and filled with light! Soooo massive that we co-create Paradise on Earth. YES!

Lots of radiant, sparkly LOVE to you all!

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