Edgar Cayce's Anti-Aging Tips

"Tips for a long life: Keep sweet, keep friendly, keep loving, if ye would keep young."

The following are tips from Edgar Cayce describing basic health practices to support optimal youth and vitality

Every Day
Upon rising and before eating anything drink a glass of warm water with lemon or lime in it. This will help with your bowel movements as well as help the body eliminate the toxins thrown off during sleep.
Do deep breathing exercises in the morning to eliminate toxins pooled in the lungs from the shallow breathing characteristic of sleep
Eat an Alkaline Diet rich in fruits and vegetables + eat almonds to prevent breast cancer
Spend from 1 to 2 hours outside enjoying nature every day
Walk a mile after dinner
Have a positive attitude about your life and body :)
Once a Week
Peanut oil rubbed all over the body once a week prevents arthritis. I used to make what he called, "Aura Glow" with peanut oil, olive oil, lanolin and vitamin E oil. I found that simply the action of rubbing this oil all over my body to be very positive, too because....how often do you touch every part of your body with loving hands? It feels very body-affirming!
Every Two Weeks A massage (all massages stimulate the lymph system, which is very important!)
Once a Month
For 3 consecutive days per month do Castor Oil Packs over the whole abdominal area for approximately one hour. Doing this for three consecutive days per month aids in assimilation of nutrients by helping to eliminate toxins from digestive and hepatic areas. Castor oil packs stimulate lymphatic circulation by supporting the Peyer's Patches, clusters of lymph nodes in the small intestines, which are key to health.
A spinal adjustment
Every Season
3-Day Apple Fasts to cleanse the intestine's and cleanse the activities of the liver, the kidneys and the whole system.
An enema or colonic. He says, "For everyone—everybody—should take an internal bath occasionally as well as an external one."


Spend one to two hours a day outside and take a good long walk after dinner....


Check out Edgar Cayce's 3-Day Apple Fast - it's so easy to do and your body will love you for it!