How to order your Edgar Cayce Astrological Report for Free!

My favourite free online report is one that you can order through the Grupo Venus people in Spain - it's the Edgar Cayce Past Life Astrology Report and it really is fascinating! He talks about Atlantis and all sorts of interesting past life possibilities.

You can get it for free, but you must have patience. You order it online and then it's available to you about five days later. Or, you can pay a very nominal amount and get a whole slew of reports instantly :)

First, go here.

The first thing you need to do is add your birth details (date, time, place is required!) by clicking on Add/Delete Person.

Then, just follow the instructions to add your birth details and then press the Back button to the main astrological reports page.

Make sure it's your name that is highlighted and then tick the Cayce Past Life report on the left. Then the 'request for free' button.

Once that's done they will send you an email. You need to click on that link to show them that it really is you. This will confirm your order with them. Then (and this is important!) you need to go back to that same url about four or five days later to access your reports. They may not email you.

That's it - enjoy!

PS: Edgar Cayce uses the words Christ, Lord and God a little bit...if those words don't resonate with you, you can just change them in your mind to Source, Divine Energy, All That Is :) Whatever feels right for you!

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