Principal Concepts of the Edgar Cayce Health System

The Cayce approach to health and healing is based on the following fundamental concepts...

Nature Heals....go outside and breathe it in.....

  • Holism - This system affirms that human beings are multidimensional including physical, mental and spiritual aspects which must be considered in relation to health and healing. Cayce often talked about the physical body, mental body (attitudes we hold both positive and negative) and the spiritual body (what our soul wanted to get out of this life) when he was diagnosing his clients.

  • Inner Healing - All healing comes from within. Our bodies have the inherent ability to be healthy. Therapeutic interventions work best by assisting the processes of innate healing.

  • Prevention - Healthy lifestyle is emphasized as a means of staying well and preventing disease. Because all healing comes from within, the same therapies which assist the body in healing itself are often helpful in the prevention of illness.

  • Self Care - Self responsibility in making choices and applying what we know to be true on a regular basis is the foundation of health. Most of the therapies utilized in this approach are best done in the home and as part of the daily routine of life.

  • Natural Therapeutics - "Nature cures" is the basis for many healing systems as it is for this one. Natural remedies and therapies which work closely with and are supportive of the body's innate healing ability are emphasized in this approach.

  • Integration - The Cayce Health System acknowledges that all therapeutic modalities and systems of healing can be helpful. The important point is to find the best combination of treatments for each individual. This cooperative attitude seeks the common ground between systems and is known by various names such as "complementary medicine," "interactive medicine" and "comprehensive medicine."

  • Individuality - Each person is an special entity. Health and healing can best be achieved by a person-centered approach which recognizes and utilizes the uniqueness of each individual rather than limiting people to diagnostic categories and pathological labels.

  • Health & Illness - Health is a state of wholeness, balance and growth. Incompleteness and imbalance ("incoordination") are common experiences which can challenge us to grow and develop. Thus illness can often be viewed as an opportunity for transformation.

Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment


Get out and enjoy Nature where everything is alive, vital, healthy and perfect!
Imagine your cells, too, aligning perfectly and healthily, just like Nature's.
Breathe into your body the green trees, the fresh vital air, the salty, dynamic ocean, the solid long-lasting boulders....
and be...perfectly healthy....
Nature and your Body can show you how...just ask to be shown...


Here are some apt quotes I've collected from Edgar Cayce

"We are, physically and mentally, what we eat and what we think."

"There is as much of God in the physical as there is in the spiritual or mental, for it should be one!"

"Urges arise, then, not only from what one eats, but from what one thinks - and from what one does about what one thinks and eats! Also from what one digests mentally and spiritually."

"Mind is ever the builder. That which the body-mind feeds upon is what it gradually becomes, providing assimilation takes place. Just as in the physical body digestion does not necessarily mean assimilation; neither in the mental body does it mean that what is read, heard or spoken to the body is assimilated by the mental body."

"Be mindful of the diet that it is kept proper. Take time to eat and to eat the right thing. Then give time for the digestive forces to act, before becoming so mentally and bodily active as to upset the digestion."

"True, the body should eat, and should eat slowly; yet when worried, overtaxed, or when the body cannot make a business of eating but is eating merely to pass away the time, or just to fill up time - it is not good. For, the food will not digest, as the body sees."

"It is a great detriment to better physical functioning to overload the stomach when the body is worried or under any general strain. Equally bad for the body is to take foods whether or not there is felt the need or desire for them."