Activate your Inner Hero and expand to include all that you are!

Joan of Arc as described by Mark Twain is his wonderful book, "The Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc" is one of the people that I greatly admire!


This exercise came to me one morning after I had a dream about Vaclav Havel, a person I deeply admire. It's very powerful - enjoy!

If you're not going to do the exercise right now, only read point 1 and 2 - not 3 or 4. Save 3 and 4 until later. You need to do 1 and 2 first - then read 3 and 4! (I'm strict, aren't I!?) The ending can't be given away!

1. Get a pen and paper. Write down your top 3 Heroes. (I don't think I've ever used this word before because it's been sullied by the media and leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but I'm using it here in the true sense of the word a la the Hero's Journey)

These are individuals, alive or dead, that you reeeeally feel deep admiration for. Individuals that activate your heart or mind or soul or creativity or all four!

2. Write down the qualities that you admire in each one of them.

Stop here if you're not going to do the exercise right now

3. Now, meditate on these qualities and breathe them in because, the fact is: You have these qualities!! Realize this. As you breathe the qualities in feel them making their home within you...soooo comfortable...they've actually been there all along! Expand into them....With each in-breath, you feel these qualities inside you and with each out-breath you expand into these qualities and you find yourself growing larger and larger and expanding out so far that you find yourself encompassing the whole earth and you are bathing the earth and all the people, animals, creatures, oceans, trees with these amazing qualities of yours. Qualities that the world needs. And you have an endless abundant supply of these qualities.......

Enjoy this wonderful feeling for as long as you desire...

4. Your Inner Hero has been activated!!! You've stepped into your Expanded Self.

Whew. I just did that and my heart is beating rather quickly. It's a perfect exercise for any Yellow Human "quickening" day. Wowwwww......!!