How to Use your Personal Wavespell

Through working with my own wavespells over the past several years I have found them to be an amazing intention-settting time as well as an indicator of the main theme(s) for the next 260 days until your next galactic birthday. I suggest that you keep a journal during these 13 days. Start your day by writing down any dreams you have and interpreting them the best you can. Then, read the day's question (all the questions are below) and synthesize it with the energy of the Daykeeper for that day. Write down the question and glean the answer from the Daykeeper's energy...allow the Ah-ha!'s to bubble up.

Then...go about your day...:)

At the end of your day write down what happened during the day. What interesting events? Conversations? Emotions? Did something new happen? Even the smallest detail may hold significance. What animals crossed your path? Check out their symbolism. See if the days events help you to answer the day's question. It's the Ah-HA!'s we're after because the more you have them the more you know yourself and the more whole, complete and potentiated you become!


Everyone is different but I have always found the following days to be the most significant:

Day 1 and Day 13 (the bookends to your wavespell). First off, are they Red, White, Blue or Yellow? The colour tells you a lot about the tone of your personal wavespell.

Red: Initiators, Earth
White: Cerebral, Air
Blue: Feelers, Water
Yellow: Radiators, Fire

Day 1 shows you how you come into the world (kind of like your Ascendant in western astrology)....on Day 1 you call forth the resonance of your true vibration.

Day 13 shows you the whole, complete picture of yourself. What is the complete vision of who you are? What are you here to surrender to? Day 13 asks you to surrender to the perfection of all that you are. I love Day 13's - you just gotta surrender to the energies that day, no matter how wild and spontaneous they might be. They are showing you the larger picture of yourself.

Day 10 because it shows you what your heart desires. You ask yourself, "What does my heart desire to Manifest?" on Day 10. The daykeeper for that day shows you the way....

Day 11 is important, too, as it shows you what you need to let go of so that you can be truly liberated.

Of course, your Galactic Birthday is the most important day! Celebrate! Embody all that you are!

Let the magic continue!


Daily Questions


Day 1: How do I call forth the resonance of my true vibration?

Day 2: What are my relationships teaching me? What are my Obstacles?

Day 3: How does my creativity express my spiritual journey?|

Day 4: What form will my spiritual journey take?

Day 5: What is my core purpose? My central intent? My individual vision?

Day 6: How do I balance the Male and Female energies within myself in order to bring Heaven/Paradise to Earth?

Day 7: What can I do to stand in the light of my full mystical power?

Day 8: How do I resonate harmoniously with the new Golden Octave? (the new harmonious energy on earth)

Day 9: How do I shine the light for others?

Day 10: What does my heart desire to manifest?

Day 11: What do I need to let go of in order to be truly liberated?

Day 12: How can I utilize my relationships to explore and expand any of my self-limiting constructs...and how do I Inspire Co-operation?

Day 13: How do I surrender to the perfection of the larger pattern of my Essence Self?


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