Combining two Galactic Signatures to find your Relationship Signature



+ =


Just as you can combine two western natal astrology charts through generating a "composite chart" to show you how the third entity, your 'Relationship' functions - you can also combine two Mayan Signatures to get the goods on what your relationships strengths and challenges are.

As in western astrology, you can compare your own Signature with the Relationship Signature to see how you actually jive with the energy of the relationship.

It's very simple. Each Daykeeper has a number and each tone has a number. Simply add the Daykeepers numbers together and then add the Tone numbers together and, voila!, you have your Relationship Signature.


1. Red Dragon
2. White Wind
3. Blue Night
4. Yellow Seed
5. Red Serpent
6. White World-Bridger
7. Blue Hand
8. Yellow Star
9. Red Moon
10. White Dog
11. Blue Monkey
12. Yellow Human
13. Red Skywalker
14. White Wizard
15. Blue Eagle
16. Yellow Warrior
17. Red Earth
18. White Mirror
19. Blue Storm
20. Yellow Sun

Tone 1 - Magnetic
Tone 2 - Lunar
Tone 3 - Electric
Tone 4 - Self-Existing
Tone 5 - Overtone
Tone 6 - Rhythmic
Tone 7 - Resonant
Tone 8 - Galactic
Tone 9 - Solar
Tone 10 - Planetary
Tone 11 - Spectral
Tone 12 - Crystal
Tone 13 - Cosmic





+ =

Each bar = 5
Each dot = 1

Here are two examples:

You are: White Crystal Mirror (White Mirror = 18 and Crystal = 12)
He is: Blue Galactic Monkey (Blue Monkey = 11 and Galactic = 8)

Add 18 + 11 = 29
Since the Daykeepers only go up to 20 you minus 20 from 29 to get: 9
The 9th Daykeeper is: Red Moon

Add 12 + 8 = 20
Since the Tones only go up to 13 you minus 13 from 20 to get: 7
The 7th Tone is: Resonant

Together you are: Red Resonant Moon


You are: Blue Electric Night (Blue Night = 3 and Lunar = 2)
She is: Red Overtone Serpent (Red Serpent = 5 and Solar= 9)

Add 3 + 5 = 8
The 8th Daykeeper is Yellow Star

Add 2+ 9 = 11
The 11th Tone is: Spectral

Together you are: Yellow Spectral Star


Look up your Galactic Signature here


Things to notice after you've read through your basics of your Relationship:

What is your relationship's purpose? (center Daykeeper)
What Higher energy is guiding your Relationship? (upper Daykeeper)
What is your Relationship really good at? (Daykeeper to the right)
What is your Relationship's challenges? (Daykeeper to the left)
What is the sometimes hidden, subconscious message of your Relationship? (bottom Daykeeper)

Once you've looked at all of that then notice similiarities and differences between your own individual Signature's and the Relationship Signature. Maybe one person doesn't have any of the same Daykeepers in their own individual Signature - that might be an indication that, for that person, the Relationship is really made up of very different energies than they are. Not necessarily 'bad'...just an indication that this person is attracted to someone that will bring something different into their life. Perhaps this Relationship opens them to new aspects within themselves?!

Another possibility is that one person's individual challenge is indicated in one of the Relationship Daykeepers....perhaps an indication that, through this relationship, they will break through some of their fears surrounding these limiting beliefs! (because they're only beliefs! We need this challenge in order to grow) Of course, it could also indicate that you will find the Relationship challenging...but it's up to you: You can learn and grow or just stick with your fears....your choice.

Let's say that in your own Signature your Higher Self is White Dog and the Relationship itself is White Dog (center Daykeeper)....that would suggest that the Relationship itself is totally in tune with the guidance of your Higher Self.

Or, another example, perhaps you are a Blue Night and the Relationship's challenge is Blue Night. It could be an indication that the two of you don't want to delve into the unknown as a unit...that there might be fear of the unknown and all the challenges of Blue Night. But, since you are a Blue Night you can bring the light of your own understanding of those nether-worlds into the relationship. To me it would clearly indicate that you wanted to play this role and that the other person in the relationship needs this new exploratory energy in their life.

You can, of course, simply compare your two individual Signature in this manner as well. (just as in western astrology you generate a 'Synastry chart')

There are no hard and fast rules - just let your intuition guide you when comparing your Signatures. Be playful. Approach it with an air of discovery and compassion!

In my experience there is no one person who is going to fulfill you forever. How can they when you are changing and growing your whole life-long (hopefully!). So, I approach all this relationship stuff from the position that every relationship shows you an aspect of yourself that you want to explore, develop, bring out into the light more. The other is a reflection of yourself. Love opens you to new levels of your being!


"People take existence too seriously and don't take playful existence seriously enough."