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The New American Ephemeris from 1900 to 2000
Rique Pottenger

This was the very first book I bought when I started to learn western astrology at the end of 1998 and it is a must have! When you're away from your computer (and's free chart generating program) this ephemeris will come in handy. It shows the whereabouts of each of the planets from 1900 to 2000 so that you can see that, ahhhhh, you must have had a significant Pluto transit in the past when Pluto was in Scorpio - so you simply flip through the book to see when Pluto was in Scorpio at the degree you're looking for. Much easier than using a computer program! Plus, it's a quick and easy way to look up friends and family's planets. Curious about what someone's Moon is? Or what their Mercury is? Just pick up your book and it'll tell you. People will be in awe when they see that you can actually understand this book! It is solely made up of small numbers and symbols. (the symbols are for the planets & signs and the numbers are for the degree of each planet)

The New American Ephemeris from 2000 to 2100
Rique Pottenger

You'll need this ephemeris so you can see what transits are coming and when. Very handy for what's happening now and into the future. Shows planetary movement from 2000 to 2100. Did you know that Astronomy grew out of Astrology? The Astrologers needed to know the exact placement of the planets and so the Astronomer was born! Astrology was taught in Universities too - ah the understanding that we would all have of ourselves and our differences if we were taught this in school...!






Planets in Transit
by Robert Hand

This was the second astrology book that I bought and one that I refer to today all the time. If you get one astrology book to better understand the energies of each of the planets and the houses, it's gotta be this one! Robert Hand is a Sagittarius with a Scorpio Mercury (same as me!) so I really resonate with his words. This is a smart, psychological look at transits. Armed with an ephemeris and this book you'll be well on your way to understanding the houses, aspects and the energies associated with each planet. I have even used the book to describe my natal chart - so instead of reading: transiting Neptune conjunct my Mercury - I read: my natal Neptune conjunct my Mercury. Highly recommended. Every single Transit is listed in this book 'cookbook' style.

Planets in Composite
by Robert Hand

A 'cookbook' style book for Composite Charts. A composite chart is when you put your chart together with another person's chart.

Go to - Extended Chart Selection to generate your Composite Chart. (mid-point method - Koch house system) Then, with this book, you can read what each of the aspects within your Composite chart mean. Your relationship actually creates a third 'entity' - The Relationship - which is embodied in the Composite chart. Once you really get into it you can compare your individual chart with the Composite/Relationship chart to see how you actually feel about the relationship! Verrrrry interesting, indeed!


The Inner Sky
by Steven Forrest

This book is perfect for a beginner or for an advanced student. Stephen takes you through the significance of the signs, the houses and the planets very carefully. Fantastic evolutionary astrology base. It's all about your soul's growth and what the planets are encouraging you to do with the available energies. Free will!


The Changing Sky
by Steven Forrest

Creating your future with transits, progressions and evolutionary astrology.

An excellent book for a beginner or for an advanced student. It's all about the transits - how the movement of the planets 'out there' affect the planets you were born with.

"Forrests approach stops the blame game in its tracks...we're warriors fulfilling our turbulent evolutionary paths."

- O: The Oprah Magazine

Yesterday's Sky
by Steven Forrest

Every wonder what your chart has to say about your past lives? Well, Steven will tell you! Fascinating look at the south and north nodes and aspects to them.

Steven says, "I value psychological astrology very highly - in fact, one could define Evolutionary Astrology as a form of psychological astrology which is integrated with metaphysics. Where a twentieth century psychological astrologer might focus on the dynamics of childhood, the evolutionary astrologer focuses on the childhood of the soul - prior lifetimes, and issues left unresolved from them. It is a sacred psychology, in other words. But it is also a demonstrable one, grounded in observable, present-life realities."


Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul
by Jeff Green

This is an in-depth book about Pluto and how it's placement in your chart represents your Evolutionary Path. Everyone that reads the chapter on what house Pluto is in in their chart is just blow away by it's accuracy. It's an intense book (not all light and Venus-y by any means - remember this is about intense, deep and sometimes dark Pluto!) and will really shed light on where you came from and what you hope to transmute in this lifetime. See the 'Evolutionary Astrology' website here for more information.



Skymates: Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology
by Jodie and Steven Forrest

This book deals with your relationships to others: your Synastry Chart. A Synastry Chart is different than a Composite Chart in that where the composite takes your chart and the other person's chart and finds all the midpoints between them to create a 'third' chart that reveals your Relationship - the synastry chart takes each of your individual charts and places them together to see how your Venus, say, interacts with his Mars. Or if your Saturn conjuncts your partners Venus. Or if your Uranus opposes your partners Moon. Great book for 'cookbook' style information!

Skymates: The Composite Chart
by Steven Forrest

This book deals with your Composite Chart and boy, is it ever fascinating! Totally mind-blowingly accurate. Wow. Really wise information on relationships, too. If you want to improve your current relationship, this book has great information for that, as well. How to be in your relationship at the highest level. Maybe the two of you want to create a nest together and be home-body-ish? Or maybe your chart shows that you have to keep things exciting and adventurous all the time in order for it to work? Really fascinating book - I totally recommend it!

Numerology and the Divine Triangle
by Dusty Bunker

Absolutely the best Numerology book on the market in my humble opinion! I'm always referring to this book. It corresponds numbers to tarot cards (the rider-waite deck) and also to astrology. So you're getting three forms of symbolism in one book! You can find out what personal year you're in right now and read what the 'temporary vibration' of that number is. The interpretations are detailed and deep.

For example: To find out what year you're in right now reduce the numbers of the last birthday you had. My last birthday was Dec 2, 2011 - which reduces to 12 + 2 + 4 (don't reduce your month) which reduces again to 18 and again to 9 - but in the book you will read the 'temporary' vibration for 18/9. This will be my vibration for my year starting at my birthday 2011 until my birthday 2012.

Also, if you have a Rider-Waite Tarot deck (the little ones are sweet and inexpensive) this is really a great book to use for your readings - much better than the little book that comes with the deck. The interpretations in this book are as they were meant to be: an alchemical journey through life, growth, cycles, transformation - not the superstitious creepy stuff that is in some tarot card books. This book is amazing!!

For those of you that like to work out diagrams - they also include instructions on how to make your own 'Divine Triangle' that shows you what main energies are available to you in 9 year cycles Fantastic book!






Miniature Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
by Arthur Edward Waite

I love this little deck - you can keep them wrapped up in a small hankerchief. The colour and symbols are simple and the more you look at them the more you see. Coupled with Numerology and the Divine Triangle book, your readings will be much more meaningful than if you were to just use the book the cards come with.

Remember that when you do a reading for yourself you are making the present moment/intention manifest. There is a 'probable' outcome that issues from the present moment you are in right now - but you can always change your mind and thus change your future. Experiment with the cards and you'll see! I remember once I was in a terribly negative mood and the reading I did for myself reflected that - and showed me where this attitude would get me (I didn't like it). Well, I shook myself out of my stupor and felt positivity radiating into me and out of me (just this helped of course! Ah...sometimes we are just soooo slow eh?) and then did the reading again. Well! I knew that it was 'accurate' (I'm always testing the tarot this way!) because, synchronistically enough, the very first card I laid down was the same card as my earlier reading! But from there the likeness stopped - my new, taken-from-the-positive-moment reading showed a much more positive outcome! I don't over-do the readings. I usually do a 13-card reading every 6 months or so - so as not to overload and dilute the significance. If you write down your reading and come back to check on it as the months go by you will be amazed to see how it has played out - and it becomes much more meaningful.

For example, when I moved to Mexico I did readings every 6 months to 1 year and I pretty much cycled through all the Cups (opening my heart to feeling!) in either 'final outcome' positions or at the very least the 'where you'll soon find yourself' or 'near future' positions. Trippy! From Ace through the minor numbers all the way to the King of Cups! Wow.

Astrology, Karma & Transformation
by Stephen Arroyo

"This insightful and original book focuses on the understanding and use of astrology as a tool for spiritual and psychological growth." Transformational aspects within one's natal chart and transformational transits are discussed in depth. This is a great book for all interested in growth.

Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements
by Stephen Arroyo

Excellent book that really goes into the Four Elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) in depth - you come away from this book really feeeeling what each of the elements feels like and understanding how they interact within one's chart and in relationship.


The Secret Language of Birthdays
by Gary Goldschneider

Oh I just love this book! I used to work at a cafe in Victoria and I'd keep this book under the counter for certain clients and friends who wanted to check out what he says about their birthday. Crazily accurate, it will blow your mind and your friend's minds, too!


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