An Assortment of Cleansing Links

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You can really do the cleanses in any order...start with a Liver Flush if you want and move into a bowel cleanse/parasite cleanse then continue with Liver Flushes every 2 weeks. OR start with a bowel & parasite cleanse...then do your liver flush....etc. It just depends on if you're itching to do the liver flush or not! If you don't have acute gallbladder problems I say do the bowel & parasite cleanse first.


Bowel Cleansing options:

Bentonite & Psyllium Shakes: (read all!)

Here is a funny and inspiring (to some!) story about the shiny 1974 penny that my boyfriend elminated while doing the B&P shakes! 

or Holistic Horizons (no herbal laxatives) Read Zule's post:

or PTree's great post on using Holistic Horizons:

or Dr. Schulze's Bowel Cleanses (with herbal laxatives - if you tend towards constipation)

Parasite Cleansing options (good to do while bowel cleansing but you have to be careful about the timing - both need to be taken on an empty stomach!):

Good ones I've heard of: Paragone, Clarkia or Old Amish Dewormer. CoQ10 to kill tapeworms specifically. Check out Tiratu's post on her 20" parasite!

Liver/Gallbladder Flushing

Check out these liver-stone photos & lab analysis!

Need more proof? Check out this photo of a stone inside a liver (the stone looks just like mine!)

Liver Flush page (you can choose from many of the different flushes - learn about them here):

Hulda Clark Liver Flush: (most popular - good to start with for sure)

This is my slightly altered version of Hulda Clark's Liver Flush (very detailed - less epsom salts)

Dr. Schulze's 5-day Liver Flush (not as 'dramatic' as the other flushes, but will definitely do some excellent cleansing and kick-start a new more healthful way of living):

Andreas Mortiz's excellent tips and insights into Liver function and liver flushes.

Eat good fats - and your liver and gallbladder will be happy!



Castor Oil Packs are suggested if you are constipated or have liver and gallbladder problems. Even healthy people should do a castor oil pack at least once a month! & Edgar Cayce tells you why Castor Oil Packs are great and how to do them

Fasting Options

Some people are interested in fasting, too.

Need some reasons and inspiration to start fasting?

The Master Cleanse can be combined with Bentonite & Psyllium Shakes as well as a Parasite Cleanse...resulting in the 'Ultimate Cleanse'. For some this is a great way to get started.

My Experience with the MasterCleanse and B&P's:

The Ultimate Cleanse - some extra tips about scheduling the B&P's, Salt Water Flushes and the Parasite Cleanse:

3Day Apple Fast Edgar Cayce suggests a 3Day Apple Fast to detox on a cellular level: Read about how my friend got rid of his life-long Allergies by doing a 3-Day Pear Fast then changing his diet and doing a liver flush:

Edgar Cayce suggests eating 80% alkaline-forming foods and only 20% acid-forming foods. This really makes sense. See this link:   &

To piece a good Cleansing Schedule together see this link for a good sound order of cleansing:

And...if you've got a case of the blues on top of everything why not check out my idea page: Cure for the Blues You can add your cleanse to your Chart and start cleansing inside and out! :) read read all you can! Within each of the Forums ( ) click on 'Recommended Reading' - learn lots and get inspired!

Drink 2 to 3 litres of warm water a day!

Read the articles from The Doctor Within - 'Journey to the Center of the Colon' is a good one to start with!


Happy Cleansing!

Love Tracey

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