My Crop Circle Experience

Duncan, B.C., Canada May 29, 2002


It all started in March 2002 when I discovered crop circles for the first time (late bloomer, I know!) I guess just getting a computer contributed to this discovery and my boyfriend and I poured over all the websites we could find taking in as much information as possible - I remember our jaws being on the floor - we couldn't believe out eyes! What beeeeautiful symbols! It's unbelievable!

In early May 2002 I sent an email to Paul Anderson of CCCRN (the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network) saying that I'd done a lot of research into crop circles and I knew what to look for and how to take samples and, if he should ever be notified of a crop circle on the island that I live on, to please call me so I can go take a look at it and bring back all the samples. He said sure, but there had never been a crop circle reported on Vancouver Island before.

My boyfriend at the time laughed - thought it was kinda funny and fruitless.

Soooooo...what do you think happened!? You guessed it! MY crop circle showed up! Only 3 short weeks later!

But let me give you a few more details, first. Three days (lots of 3's! Ooooh) before I got the phonecall saying: "Go to Duncan" (one hour away from me) "a crop circle has turned up!" I was meticulously reconstructing my favourite crop circle with compass and pencil and eraser on a big piece of paper. My thought (I'm a little obsessive, yes!) was that I wanted to put some of the crop circle symbols on a t-shirt - I was so sure that just by wearing them one would be infused with their message of Wholeness and Completeness and Harmony (they are all based on sacred and euclidean geometry) - not to mention people who saw you wearing the crop circle t-shirt - they, too, would get the wonderful message, too. So, for 3 days I focused alllll my energy on getting a crop circle ready for screenprinting. First I drew my favourite one with a compass and then I had to learn a computer program (Illustrator) so that I could create them within the computer. So that was 3 days of total, intense focus. (I think that's key to much manifestation, right?)

This was the crop circle I was drawing. It's called Littlebury Green, England 1996

A second thing that seemed very interesting to Paul Anderson of CCCRN was that, right after I volunteered as a researcher for the Island, Gary Bobroff (writing a crop circle book himself) was having a talk in Vancouver with the title something like: Jung and Consciousness and the Crop Circle Phenomenon. I reeeeally wanted to go as I loved Jung and I loved crop circles - perfect! Unfortunately I couldn't make it. But both Paul and Gary thought that my experience of attracting a crop circle to me was an experience that would have fit right in to his talk!

To top it all off - in the week leading up to my crop circle appearing in a field only 1 hour from where I live - I had had 3 (again!) very strange Bird experiences.

  1. A bird was trapped in my kitchen. In all the 13 years (up to that date) I'd lived there I had never had a bird trapped in my kitchen
  2. When I walked inside a store a bird flew at me and skimmed my head. It was IN the store and wanted out. (!) That's weird eh?
  3. The day the crop circle arrived (but I didn't know yet) we heard a huge noise coming from the kitchen. We went in and found nothing had fallen over - everything was fine. Then later that night, when the windows were black, I noticed....a greasy bird print on the window! (a bird had flown into the same kitchen window) It was a pigeon obviously and the pattern was a perfect ANGEL (I'm not an angel person) with a head and outstretched wings and a little fan tail. (kind of like a snow angel) Isn't that wild? To me birds have always symbolized Messages from Spirit! Orrrr in this case maybe Messages from the energy that creates Crop Circles! Or the energy that was Co-Creating the crop circle with me!

So, late on May 28th I get the call: Tracey, a woman has reported a strange looking something in her field in Duncan, please go check it out.

My boyfriend and I drove up the morning of May 29th, 2002 to check it out. I'd been used to see absolutely perfectly defined crop circles from England and this didn't look like that - but, in my mind, it looked like a damn good attempt!

Isn't she beautiful!!!???

It was about 30 feet in diameter and looked verrrry soft. The grasses were not flattened to the ground but beautifully flowing, rather like water, and, it looked to me like it was trying to mimic the crop circle I'd been obsessively constructing! Petals swooping outwards with a swirl in the center!

Who knows, really, what this crop circle would have looked like from the air - we'll never know...

I reached inside to take some samples and when I lifted up the grasses to get right to the bottom of the stalks to my utter surprise there were grasses WOVEN underneath the top layer - moving at maybe an 85degree angle to the grasses on top!! Woven layers of grasses! I couldn't believe it. My heart literally stopped. I knew that I was dealing with the real phenomenon.

The other thing that tripped us out was that there were perfect fully-seeded dandelion heads poking their heads up from between the grasses! What the...?

Look at those dandelion heads, so perfect and untouched!

We took samples from inside and from outside the circle and spoke to the grandmother who lived in the old barn on the property. Her daughter and family lived in the main house and they thought it was a big joke - they said that a bunch of animals must have laid down on the grasses - ha!! But, the grandmother said that she was very open-minded and thought that it looked very very different so she phoned it in. We asked her if any strange phenomenon happened on her acreage and she said, indeed, yes! She told us about dishes disappearing and reappearing and childrens clothes appearing - odd things like that. Sounds like the energy is strong around there! She also said that this area had many Indian ancestors living on it hundreds of years ago....

I sent my samples in to Nancy Talbot of BLT research (scientist stuff) and she confirmed that, indeed, it was the real thing. I also spoke to her on the phone and when I told her, excitedly, about how I'd been obsessed with drawing a crop circle for 3 days and how I'd just volunteered 3 weeks earlier she confirmed that this is what is sooooooooo interesting about the crop circle phenomenon - over and over people have the same experience as though they are attracting the energy to them and that, in fact, they are co-creating the crop circles with another energy!

See the two stalks on the right? Those ones are totally regular grasses - samples taken from outside the circle. The other four on the left were taken from the inside of the circle. The nodes were 4X as big, expanded, the normal grasses and they were bent and unwavering. Imagine you want to bend wood. You heat the wood, then bend it, and when it cools it stays bent -it doesn't spring back. Well, these grasses are like that. So with 2 or 3 nodes to a stalk - they bend right over in an arc! Amazing eh? You can try to bend a stalk of grass yourself at the node - it's impossible - the node is where they are strong.

So that's my experience! What are the implications of this? What does it mean?

My feeling has always been that crop circles are made from a very natural creation energy. The same energy that creates a flower can also create a crop circle...but there's also a feeling that there is a higher consciousness out there that one can attract to oneself and then, in co-creation, your consciousness mixes with it and yourself is reflected back to you...I really have no idea but I don't think that it is physical aliens, that's for sure! People sometimes see orbs of light around the cropcircles and my belief, for a long time, has been that we are all orbs of light if you strip away our physical bodies. I mean, what else would we, pure conscious awareness, be at our very center?

Unfortunately, when the Alien/Disk crop circle came out there were a rash of other crop circle's that I, intuitively felt, were not made by the real thing. I felt like they were made with new technology by the government. In many cases you can actually see that it's like a 'scanner' scanning linearly, very mechanical. So, I got uninspired. Still. There are some beautiful and authentic ones out there....and I still have my own sweet little I know the real, phenomenon exists and that the message is a positive one. Encoding us with harmony that is reflected in our natural world - for some reason we have seemed to have forgotten that we are a part of harmonious, beautiful Nature too!

I did get the t-shirts made (all sold out now)




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