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A little bit from me and then some fantastic excerpts from The Magical Approach
by Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts, below...

These pages came about in a magical manner, of course. I hadn't done a lunar ceremony in quite some while as I was dealing with Saturn hovering around my Ascendant in Scorpio for almost a year and I wasn't feeling inspired to participate and co-create with the energies around at all. Then, a couple of days before the New Moon of October 4, 2013, Saturn moved into my first house for real (no more retrograding back into the 12th, no!) and, lo and behold, I had woken up and was surprised to find the day lookin' pretty damn good! I'd even had a reallly significant, super-cool dream! You see, with Saturn transiting my 12th house for 2 1/2 years I'd been having only reeeeeally creepy and seedy dreams, that were truly awful. I didn't know that stuff existed in my psyche! I'd been used to dreams that, even if they were challenging, at least showed me something relevant and gave me some guidance. I relied on my dreams all my life to be an easy way to take stock of where I was at and they often were incredibly intense and inspirational, too!

Well, while Saturn transited my 12th house that didn't happen - it was like Saturn was cleaning out the garbage heap of my Self that had all compacted down in some dark place to be forgotten....or so I thought! Anyway - now that Saturn has moved into my first house I am dreaming my normal dreams again and feel back in the saddle, SO, with the coming New Moon I was raring to harness these energies powerfully since they coincided with the new 28 year cycle of Saturn transiting my own chart.

It turns out that the New Moon of October 4th, 2013 fell on a White Cosmic Wizard day and so my ceremony revolved around re-connecting with my Divine Self, aligning my head with my heart, aligning my own Will with Divine Will and, of course, White Wizard's forte: letting go of control so that you can allow magic to happen!

So, after the morning ceremony at the beach I go about my day and that night I am rummaging through somes deep drawers looking for a gardening book when I spot a book I didn't think I'd brought down to Mexico. A book that I'd read in the early 2000's. What was it doing here? The title? "The Magical Approach" by Seth channeled by Jane Roberts. Yes!

Sooooo I re-read it and it's filled with such good information I knew that I had to make some pages reflective of living your life using The Magical Approach! We all do it, of course. It's totally natural! The thing that I hope is, that by reading through these pages about how I've seen these magical processes at work in my life (hindsight is 20/20!) you recognize how you live your life using the Magical Approach, too! And that when you really recognize this it will become something that you can use in a practical way - and something that you become aware of as it's happening. Recognizing that your very being is always, naturally, moving towards growth, health and fulfillment takes quite a load off! Sometimes you just have to step aside and let the Magic happen!

Seth's main tenant is, "You get what you concentrate upon." and we all know that is true. I think it's time that we all began to really exercise our power in order to create the life we want and the World we want. Imagine Schools of Consciousness being created to teach everyone, children included, how to use and be aware of all their senses, all their knowingness, all their faculties? That keeps popping up for me again and again, over the last few years....I am sure it will happen! :)

White Crystal Mirror
October 9, 2013

PS: little did I know what this New Moon would bring me...a truly radical "cosmic" surprise....a wild card.... Shingles!! Seriously! I was perturbed, to say the least! I allowed myself to feel angry at the big U for being so unjust (just when I was feeling GOOD again!! How could you!?) - but then I reflected with, yes, my Magical Self, on what on earth this means....why why why did I get this horrible shingles virus? And on my face, no less!? I came to the conclusion that it was a few of them being that it was a clear reflection of my 'worry' about what Saturn in the 1st house of appearance might mean. Worries like: Oh, I'm getting older, I'm going to look older. My body is going to start falling apart. I'm going to feel old. (erg, yes, I really had those thoughts flitting about in my head) Well...what's at the bottom of that? Worrying about being attractive, I guess...and so what did I manifest with my oh-so-powerful thoughts? A horrible, ugly, virus right on my face with a huge swollen Simpson's lip, to boot! I could not leave the house for 10 days! Ha. I can laugh about it now (the rash/blisters are healing but the nerve pain is still pretty awful) but, yikes, it was brutal. But there you go.....Magic in Action!! Oh, and get this, another belief of mine deduced from examining my friends and family's charts is that only Capricorns or people with Capricorn Ascendant's get cold sores. Sooooo...along comes Saturn into my first house (Saturn is Capricorn's planet) and, voila, I get something that resembles a cold sore (but way worse) and is of the same Herpes virus family! Ay yay yay. Sooooo, yes, I get it Universe/Higher Self/All That Is.....I get what I concentrate on.

Be concientious about examining what thoughts you think and what beliefs you hold! You will see them expressed in your life, physically! It's all a Reflection....

October 25, 2013


Excerpts from "The Magical Approach"

By Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts


"The Natural person is indeed the Magical person.

Important misunderstandings involving time have been in a large measure responsible for your difficulties. All of this involves relating to reality in a more natural, and therefore magical, fashion. There is certainly a kind of natural physical time in your experience, and in the experience of any creature. It involves the rhythms of the seasons - the days and nights and tides and so forth. In the light of that kind of physical time, which is involved within earthly biology, there is no basic cultural time. That is, to this natural rhythm you have culturally added the idea of clocks, moments and hours and so forth, which you have transposed over nature's rhythms.

Such a cultural time works well overall for the civilization that concentrates upon partialities, bits and pieces, assembly lines, promptness of appointments, and so forth. It fits an industrialized society as you understand it.

The time that any artistic creator is involved with follows earth's own time, however. The creator's time rises out of the seasons and the tides, even though in your society you make a great effort to fit the creator's time into what I will call assembly-line time. If you are a writer or an artist, then it seems that you must produce so many paintings or books or whatever as, say, an automobile worker must process so many pieces of the overall car chassis. Particularly if you want to make a living at your art, you fall into the frame of mind in which you think that "each minute is valuable" - but what you mean is that each minute must be a minute of production. But each moment must be valuable in itself, whatever you do with it.

Natural time is far richer than you suppose, and it turns inward and outward and backward and forward upon itself.

Being your own natural and magical self when you dream, you utilize information that is outside of the time context experienced by the so-called rational mind. The creative abilities operate in the same fashion, appearing within consecutive time, but with the main work done outside of it entirely.

We are speaking about a magical or natural approach to life that is man's version of the animal's natural instinctive behaviour in the universe."

Assembly-line time does not really value time - only as time can be used for definite prescribed purposes. In that framework, to enjoy time becomes a weakness or a vice... With creative people, the natural person is very prominent, no matter what you do. It therefore strongly resents any basically meaningless constraints placed about its experience. It knows, for example, how to enjoy each day, how to collect creative insights from each and every encounter, how to enrich itself physically through household chores or other activities. It dislikes being told that it must work thus and so at command of unreasonable constraints.

The natural person is anything but irrational. It gathers all of experience together and transforms it, so many of your problems have been caused by applying the wrong kind of orientation to your lives and activities.

I say wrong, meaning no moral judgment, but the application of one method to a pursuit that cannot be adequately expressed in such a fashion. The assembly-line time and the beliefs that go along with it have given you many benefits as a society, but it should not be forgotten that the entire framework was initially set up to cut down on impulses, creative thought, or any other activities that would lead to anything but the mindless repetition of one act after another.

In other words, that entire framework is meant to give you a standardized, mass-produced version of reality. None of its concepts can rationally be applied to creative endeavors. The orientation that gives you the creative achievement lies in the opposite direction.

Creativity itself has its own built-in discipline, the kind that, for example, in a dream can rummage through the days of the future to find precisely the data required to make a specific point.

True creativity comes from enjoying the moments, which then fulfill themselves, and a part of the creative process is indeed the art of relaxation, the letting go, for that triggers magical activity.

The rational approach works quite well in certain situations, such as mass production of goods, or in certain kinds of scientific measurements - but all in all the rational method, as it is understood and used, does not work as an overall approach to life, or in the solving of problems that involve subjective rather than objective measurements or calculations.

The old beliefs, of course, and the rational approach, are everywhere reinforced, and so it does indeed have a great weight. The magical approach has far greater weight, if you use it and allow yourselves to operate in that fashion, for it has the weight of your basic natural orientation. The rational approach is the superimposed one. I think that you are both ready to understand that.

Aside: "Framework 2 is the inner reality that contains the creative source from which we form all events, and that by the proper focusing of attention we can draw from that vast subjective medium everything we need for a constructive, positive life in Framework 1, or physical reality."

"Any event, therefore has an invisible thickness, a multidimensional basis. Your skies are filled with breezes, currents, clouds, sunlight, dust particles and so forth. The sky vaults above the entire plahnet. The invisible vault of Framework 2 contains endless patterns that change as, say, clouds do - that mix and merge to form your psychological climate. Thoughts have what we will for now term electromagnetic properties. In those terms your thoughts mix and match with others in Framework 2, creating mass patterns that form the overall psychological basis behind world events. Again, however, Framework 2 is not neutral, butr automatically inclined toward what we will here term good or constructrive developments. It is a growth medium. Constructive or "positive" feelings or thoughts are more easily materialized than "negative" ones because they are in keeping with Framework 2's characteristicts."

:It is not that you overuse the intellect as a culture, but that you rely upon it to the exclusion of all other faculties in your approach to life. Period.

The intellect is brilliant, but on its own, now, it is indeed in its way isolated both in time and in space in a way that other portions of the personality are not. When it is overly stressed, with all of the usual frameworks or rationales that go along with it, it can indeed become frightened, paranoid, because it cannot really perceive events until they have already occurred. It does not know what will happen tomorrow, and since it is overly stressed, its paranoid tendencies can only fear the worst

Now, those tendencies are not natural to the intellect, but only appear when it is forced to operate in such an isolated fashion - isolated not only in time and space, but psychologically isolated from other portions of the personality that are meant to bring it additional information that it does not possess, and a kind of magical support.

The so-called rational approach to life, as it is practiced, is a highly pessimistic one, carrying along with it its own methods and "solutions" to problems, its own means of achieving ends and satisfying desires. Many people are so steeped in that approach to life that they become psychologically blind to any other kind of orientation.

The rational approach of course suits certain kinds of people better than others, even while it still carries its disadvantages. You have been living in an industrialized, scientific society, so that the benefits and the great disadvantages of the rational approach appear everywhere in the social and political world. Artists of rany kind find such an approach the least friendly, for it directly contradicts the vast thrust of man's creativity in several important areas.

It seems because of the narrow definitions you have been taught, that there is only one narrow kind of rationality, and that if you foresake the boundary of that narrow definition, then you become irrational, fanatic, mad or whatever.

The thin, cold "rationality" that is recognized as such is instead a fake veneer covering a far deeper spontaneous rationality, and it is the existence of that magical rationality that provides the basis for the intellect to begin with. The rationality that you accept is then but one small clue as to the spontaneous inner rationality that is a part of each natural person.

Now, when you understand that intellectually, then the intellect can take it for granted that its own information is not all the information you possess. It can realize that its own knowledge represents the tip of the iceberg. As you apply that realization to ryour life you begin to realize furthermore that in practical terms you are indeed supported by a greater body of knowledge than you consciously realize, and by the magical, spontaneous fountain of action that forms your existence. The intellect can then realize that it does not have to go it all alone: Everything does not have to be reasoned out, even to be understood..

This information is factual. I am not saying that I do not use analogies often, or that I am not forced at times into symbolic statements, but when I am I always say so, and even those statements are my best representations of facts too large for your definitions. The intellect, then, can and does form strong paranoid tendencies when it is put in the position of believing that it must solve all personal problems alone - or nearly - and certainly when it is presented with any picture of worldwide predicaments.

The rational approach, built up around this framework, insists that the best way to solve a problem is to concentrate upon it, to project its effects into the future, to ruminate upon its consequences, "to stare at the bare facts head on."

This brings about an atmosphere in which the problem is compounded. The intellect on its own - so it seems - must deal not only with the problem today, but with its effects in the projected disastrous tomorrows. This well-intentioned concentration, this determination to solve the problem, this rational approach, then causes an even deeper sense of inadequacy. The concetration upon the problem brings about a kind o f mechanical repetition, a repeated type of hypnotic focus.

The intellect is a great organizer - along certain lines, now - so if this concentration is continued it begins to organize its perceptions and experience along the same lines. It is a kind of misguided attempt to find order by finding data that agree with itself. It collects evidence, then, to prove its point, because the rational mind, as you understand it, must have an acceptable reason for everything.

In the meantime, of course, quite valid rockbed evidence that does not fit into the picture gradually becomes discarded, ignored, thrown away. It is there but it is not used. It disappears as evidence, becomes inactive. That method of problem-solving need I say, is a poor one, and if anything it causes far more problems than it ever solves.

Aside: "You do not feel the unsurpassable force that thoughs have. You do not understand that they do form events, that to change events you must first change thoughts. You get what you concentrate upon."

I have myself heard it said that other creatures behave with a natural grace, save man. I have myself heard it said that all of nature is content unto itself save man, who is filled with discontent. Such thoughts follow "naturally" the dictums of so-called rational thought. When you think such thoughts, you think of them at the most strained level of intellectual speculation - that is, the thoughts seem self-evident to the intellect that is forced to operate by itself, relatively speaking, divorced from the self's other faculties. It then does indeed seem that man is somehow apart from nature - or worse, an ungrateful blight, almost a parasite, upon the face of the planet.

That view itself is a symptom of the intellect's difficulty. In the position in which your culture places the intellect, it does see itself quite alone, separated both from other portions of the personality, from the other creatures, and from nature itself. Therefore science, for example, says that creatures - except for man - operate by blind instinct, and that term is meant to explain all of the complicated behaviour of the other species. Therefore the gulf between man and animals, the intellect and nature, seems to deepen.

In those terms, it is quite as truthful to say - as I have said before - that man's intellect is also instinctive. He begins thinking at once. He cannot help but use his intellect. The intellect, again, operates magically, spontaneously, automatically. Its most keen reasoning processes rise as a result of that natural magical action.

The intellect has been taught to divorce itself from its source. It realizes in that regard a sense of powerlessness, for to some extent it is philosophically cut off from its own source of power. When it looks, therefore, at the world of political events, the problems seem insoluble. Man makes many decisions that may seem quite wrong to the intellect because of its belief systems, and because it is so cut off from other sources of information. A goodly number of those mistaken decisions, or "poor moves," often represent self-corrective actions, decisions taken on knowledge not consciously perceived, but this escapes your consciousness.

In the same way, some private-life decisions or events may appear disadvantageous to the intellect for the same reasons, while instead they are also self-corrective measures that you are not able to perceive because of your beliefs. The rational approach, as it is now used, carries a basic assumption that anything that is wrong will get worse. That belief of course is highly detrimental because it runs against the basic principles of life. Were this the case in your terms of history, that world would never have lasted a century. It is interesting to note that even before medical science, there were a goodly number of healthy populations. No disease rubbed out the entire species.

When you believe that the worst will happen you must always be on guard. In your culture people use the term "intellect" almost like a weapon to protect themselves against impending disaster. They must be alert for dangers of all kinds. They begin to collect evidence of danger so that any other kind of orientation to life seems foolhardy, and to be a realist means in that framework to look out for the worst.

First of all, if you realize that the intellect itself is a part of nature, a part of the natural person, a part of magical processes then you need not overstrain it, force it to feel isolated, or put it in a position in which paranoid tendencies develop. It is itself supported , as your intuitions are, by life's magical processes. It is supported by the greater energy that gave you and the world birth. That power is working in the world, and in the world of politics, as it is in the world of nature, since you make the distinction.

When you follow the so-called rational approach, however, you are bound to feel threatened, divorced from your body. Your thoughts and your body seem separate. Divisions seem to appear between the mental and the physical, where again each are supported by those magical processes. That rational approach goes against what I can only call life's directives and life's natural rhythms. It is contradictory to biological integrity, and again, it does not make sense.

That rational approach is, of course, connected now with scientific ideas mentioned earlier: life surrounded by chaos, the struggle for survival, and so forth. I do not mean to put down the intellect. It is highly important, but it is, if you will forgive me, as natural as a cat's whiskers. It is not some adjunct to nature, but a part of it.

The magical approach takes it for granted, in the simplest terms, that the life of any individual will fulfill itself, will develop and mature, that the environment and the individual are uniquely suited and work together. This sounds very simple. In verbal terms, however, those are the beliefs (if you will) of each CELL. They are inprinted in each chromosome, in each atom. They provide a built-in faith that pervades each living creature, each snail, each hair on your head. Those ingrained beliefs are, of course, biologically pertinent, providing the impetus of all growth and development.

Each cell believes in a better tomorrow (quietly, and with amusement). I am, I admit, personifying our cell here, but the statement ha a firm truth. Furthermore, each cell contains within itself a belief and an understanding of its own inevitability. It knows it lives beyond its death, in other words.

The idea of heaven, for all of its distortions, has operated as a theoretical framework, assuring the intellect of its survival. Science has believed to the contrary in the utter annihilation of the intellect after death, and since man had by then placed all of his identification wtih the intellect, this was a shattering blow to itl. It denied man a necessary biological imperative.

The magical approach takes it for granted that the human being is a united creature, fulfilling purposes in nature even as the animals do, whether or not those purposes are understood. The magical approach takes it for granted that each individuaol has a future, a fulfilling one, even though death may be tomorrow. The magical approach takes it for granted that the means for development are within each individual, and that fulfillment will happen naturally. Overall, that approach operates in your world. If it did not, there would be no world. If the worst was bound to happen, as the scientists certainly think, even evolution, in their terms, would have been impossible, of course - a nice point to put somewhere. (yes!)

Science delegates the world of nature as the realm of exterior natural events. Its view of nature is therefore mechanistic. The natural self, however, like the rest of nature, possesses a rich dimension of inside psychological depth, that science, because of its own definitions, cannot perceive. Telepathy and clairvoyance, for example, are a part of natural effects, but they belong to a nature so much more expansive than science's definitions that they have been made to appear as highly unnatural eccentricities of behaviour, rather than as natural components of consciousness.

It is also for that reason that they seem to fall outside of the realm of the sane. Such characteristics are, however, basic properties of the natural person. They do not appear very well under the auspices of the scientific method, because the scientific method is itself programmed to perceive onloly information that fits into its preconceived patterns. Such abilities appear to be unpredictable, discontinuous, only because you are so relatively unaware of what is actually quite constant psychological behaviour. That is, such abilities operate so smoothly, so continuously under and with such ease that you become aware of them only under certain conditions. You are aware of what seem to be isolated hints of odd characteristics.

The intellect is basically able to handle many kinds of information, and information systems. It is far more flexible than you presently allow it to be. It can handle several main world views at once, realizing that they are each methods of perceiving and approaching reality. To some degree historically speaking, that sort of situation operated in the past when - comparitively speaking, now - people realized that there was indeed an inner world of complexity and richness that could be approached in certain fashions, one that existed alongside with the physical world, so that the two intersected. Certain approaches worked in one area, and others worked in the inner reality.

The intellect could handle both approaches, operating with separate assumptions. There were separate assumptions that applied to different realities. I do not mean to idealize those times. In so-called modern ages, however, the intellect has been stripped down, so to speak. Science perceived the spectacular complexitiy of exterior reality, but turned its sights completely away from any recognition - any at all - until it regarded subjectivity itself as a mere throw-away product, accidentally formed by a mindless matter.

In modern times, then, the intellect was finally left with only one acceptable world view, with one set of assumptions, with only one main approach to reality and experience. The acceptable assumptions to a large extent ran directly contradictory to built-in biological, spiritual, and psychological assumptions that are a part of man's heritage. The intellect does try to order experience, to make sense of out of perception. When it is enriched by having in its possession several world views, then it does an excellent job of merging those into meaningful patterns, of sorting information and sending it to the proper places, so to speak.

It understands, for example, that clarivoyant material is a part of the personality's overall characteristics, so it is not afraid of perceiving it - and it is able to separate such information confusion from present physical sense perception. Orderliness, then, is one of its main characteristics. When it is given only one world view, and only one group of assumptions, its orderly nature causes it to throw out all information that does not fit. It is almost forced to make an orderly picture, say like a jigsaw puzzle picture, while being denied half of the pieces.

The intellect is not to blame. It does the best it can uneder those coditions.

In the inner world, your desires bring about their own fulfillment, effortlessly. That inner world, and the exterior one, intersect and interweave. They only appear separate. In the physical world, time may have to elapse, or whatever. Conditions may have to change, or whatever, but the desire will bring about the proper results. The feeling of effortlessness is what is important.The intellect can understand this and simply say, "That is not my realm. I will leave the solution to that problem where it belongs. We will use the magical approach here."

:"Fields or planes of interrelatedness connect all kinds of life, supporting it not through, say, just one system - a biological one or a spiritual one - but at every conceivable point of its existence. You are not just given so much energy, in those terms earlier mentioned. "New" energy is everywhere available. Again, there are no closed systems. Again, the environment is conscious and alive. There are constant communications between all portions of your body and all portions of the environment.

In your terms this means that you do not have teo rely upon what you think of as your private resources alone.Basically, value fulfillment is one of the most important characteristics of existence, so that all things act individually and together in ways that bestr provide for the overall fulfillment of the entire construct.

You like to think of yourselves as the reasoning animal in terms ofyour species. However, animals do reason.They do not reason in the same areas that you do. In those areas in which they do reason, they understand cause and effecct quite well. Their reasoning is applied, however, to levels of activity to which your own reasoning is not applied. Therefore, often animal reasoning is not apparent to you. Animals are curious. Their curiosity is applied to areas in which you seldom apply your own.

The animals possess a consciousness of self, and without the human intellect. You do not need a human intellect to be aware of your own consciousness. Animals, it is true, do not reflect upon the nature of their own identities as man does, but thi sis because that nature is intuitively comprehended. It is self-evident.

You are taught to submerge the very intuitive abilities that the intellect needs to do its proper work - for the intellect must check with the feeling portions of the self for feedback, for support, for knowledge as to biological conditions. Denied that feedback, it can spin on endlessly in frenzied dry runs. At each moment, from the most microscopic levels the body in one way or another is ascertaining a constant picture of its position within physical reality. That picture is composed of millions of ever-changing smaller snapshots, as it were - or moving pictures is better - determining so many conditions, positions and relationships that they could never be described. You end up with a predominating picture of reality in any given moment - one that is the result of the activity of psychological, biological, and electgromagnetic stratas. One picture is transposed upon the others, and calculations made constantly, so that all of the components that make up physical existence are met, and intersect to give you life.

One of the intellect's main purposes is to give you a conscious choice in a world of probabilities. To do that properly the intellect is to make clear, concise decisions, on its level, of matters that are its concern, and therefore to present its own picture of reality to add to the entire construct.

Man likes to think of himself as the caretaker of nature and the world. It is closer to the truth, however, to say - in that regard, at least - that nature is man's caretaker; or that man exists, physically speaking, as the result of the graceful support of nature and all of its other species. Without those other species, man as you know him would not exist, not without the continuous cooperation of those species with each other, and their interrelationships with the environment.

The natural person is to be found, now, not in the past or in the present, but beneath layers and layers of official beliefs, so you are dealing with an archaeology of beliefs to find the person who creates beliefs to begin with. As I have said often, evidence of clairvoyance, telepathy, or whatever, are not eccentric, isolated instances occurring in man's experience, but are representative of natural patterns of everyday behaviour that become invisible in your world because of the official picture of behaviour and reality.

The body's natural healing processes each day rid people of diseases, repair emotional or bodily illnesses - and such instances go largely unrecorded.

In the deepest terms, the world always was and always will be. It changes its patterns of activity, it comes and goes, but it is always itself in its comings and goings.

Excerpts taken from "The Magical Approach" by Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts, summer of 1980.



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