The Classical/Traditional Mayan Calendar Readings

Bridging our male and female aspects - a wee theory...

The first mayan calendar that I discovered was Tortuga's 'Dreamspell' calendar. I and my friends were continually blown away by how well this calendar 'worked'! Our Galactic Signatures were bang on, our Wavespells were always intense and significant, our 13-year cycles oh-so accurate, our 4 revolving Theme Years very telling and true. In a nutshell, Dreamspell worked!

Then...along came the Classical mayan calender. Just as western astrology is divided (the siderealists vs the traditional), so is the mayan calendar community. I wondered how the Classical mayan calendar would fit into the big picture for me. I was not about to give up being a White Crystal Mirror (my Dreamspell Galactic Signature) for anything because it deeeeeply resonated with me! But being a 'both/and' kind of person my mind was open....after all we're constantly co-creating our I thought: what can I learn from the Classical calendar?

It occured to me that, in this physical world, we are exposed to duality: yin/yang, male/female sun/moon - two parts of the Whole. I remembered that palmists read the left (female) and right (male) hand differently - and, indeed, if you look at the lines on your left and right hands they are different because they tell a different story. The right side of your brain rules the left side of your body (female/being/venus) and the left side of your brain rules the right side of your body (male/doing/mars).

This led me to the thought...: Why can't our Dreamspell Signature relate to our Left Hand and our Classical Signature relate to our Right hand? And instead of living in only one realm - we will be integrating the male and female into one Whole. Bridging the Male and Female energies....integrating and blending the Old and the New...

Your Dreamspell Signature represents your Potential, your Destiny. It is the intuitive, feminine aspect of yourself that is pregnant with the knowledge that you are being yourself now.

Your Classical Signature represents how you get to your potential - what you must do, what action you must take. It is the masculine aspect of yourself that knows what you must do, in the real world, to truly fulfill your potential.

I formulated this idea and then checked to see what I was according to the Classical Mayan Calendar.....and, wow, again I was totally blown away! Of course, synchronicities abounded! I found out that in the Classical I was a Blue Overtone Storm and....just two weeks earlier I had pulled just two of the Mayan Oracle cards....and guess which ones I'd pulled? You got it! Blue Storm and the Overtone card!! Nuts eh? So I knew that I was on the right track.... Perhaps you will find it interesting too.

Also - I discovered this during the string of GAP Days from November 10th to November 19th - a verrrry intense period for many people. The veil was thinner and this possibility just fell in my lap. I thought that was interesting too!

For more information on the history of the Dreamspell Calendar go here: Dreamspell Information

For more information on the history of the Classical Mayan Calendar go here: Classical Mayan Calendar Information


Update on the theory :) October 2012

Women, hands down, seem to resonate with their Dreamspell signature more than their Classical Signature and, interestingly, it seems as though men who are more Feelers than Thinkers (take the Jungian Quiz to find out what your personality type is), perhaps more in touch with their inner female/anima/Venus/Moon, resonate more with their Dreamspell signature as well. Pretty interesting!


Please find your Classical Galactic Signature here:

Scroll down a bit and put your birthday in the fields. Once you press the 'reading' button you'll have to scroll back down to see what your "Mayan Tzolkin" signature is. It's right beside the Dreamspell signature. You can translate the Mayan name into English, below.



Please find your Classical Daykeeper below...This represents your mars energy: where it feels good to put your energy and take action.

Red Dragon

Trust in the larger pattern to provide what you need. Open to receive. Communicate your feelings, desires and dreams.

Source of life, breakthrough, divine nurturance & support, receptivity, primordial Mother, undivided primal waters, primal trust and nourishment, birth.


White Wind

Learn to sense and experience your connection with the Divine by acting on inspiration as it comes to you.

Breathing meditations will help you reach your potential.

Spirit, breath, wind, presence, truth, communication, inspiration, non-tangible, idealistic, simplicity, integration of polarities, unseen forces, co-creator of reality.

Blue Night

Be willing to examine how you judge and evaluate yourself. Embrace and follow your inner shadow processes to learn from their gifts.

The Pathwork of Self Transformation, by Eva Pierrakos, will help you to be. Activtely keeping a dream journal and delving into your dreams will guide you to fulfilling your destiny.

Abyss, serenity, "looks-within" place, enclosing darkness, stillness, dreamfield matrix, the unconcious, abundance, mystery, sanctuary, journey into self, dream exploration, intuition.

Yellow Seed

Realize that you and your life are the fertile ground, that you awaken your own dreams and possibilities. Free yourself from the illusion of safety as you enter into the manifesetation of emerging possibilities.

Seed, self-germination, creation, flowering, power of growth, seeding manifestation, fertile ground, gestation, opening, erupting possibilities, awareness.

Red Serpent

Use the body as a tool for transformation. Learn how to use passion and the senses as means of access and alignment to higher consciousness. Follow your gut-level intuitions and instincts to make choices in the moment.

Learning how to raise your Kundalini will help you stand in the full light of your Dreamspell Galactic Signature.

Passion, sexual energy, life force, vitality, sensing, body wisdom, instinct, creativity, serpent, integration, intimacy, motivation, desire, kundalini, purification.

White World-Bridger

Surrender to the pattern of perfection. Listen to the part of you that is calling for death and transformation. Receive its wisdom.

Change, transformation, release, multi-dimensional consciousness, surrender control, revelation, death/rebirth, transmutation, forgiveness, humility.

Blue Hand

Become aware of your resistances and distractions. Learn to finish what you start, taking satisfaction in each step along the way. Use commitment, focused intention, and openness to help you complete. Experience yourself as a tool of the light.

Doing, completion, accomplishment, physical creativity, organizer, healer, opening, beauty, dance, gateway, knows, identification, mudras, acting "as if", spiritual tools, prist/priestess.

Yellow Star

Draw on love to prune away the disharmony in your life. Cultivate harmony. Access your starseeded essence; stand in the harmony of your full presence.

Way show-er, harmony, beneficial combinations, expanded love, elegance, mystical visionary, starseed, octave, clear perspective, Mind of Light.

Red Moon

Take off the veil of forgetfulness. Become the beacon of awakened awareness. As you open to self-remembrance, you will freely receive divine guidance. Be with others who support your fullest expression.

Feeling, water, imagination, signs, awakened attention, awareness, understanding, self-remembrance, flows, cosmic communication, beacon, signals, divine guidance, Godseed.

White Dog

Access the objective "witness" who sees the emotional drama dispassionately and frees your experience. Bring your emotions out of drama into a place of choice, receiving their teaching and healing the root cause. Open to the connection and support of your companions of destiny.

Companions of destiny, heart, love, service, loyalty, spiritual strength, guardians and guides, breakthrough, new beginnings, relationships, emotional-body issues, recasting the past.

Blue Monkey

Lighten up! Speak your truth directly. Be vulnerable, sensitive, and openhearted. Accept life's "disruptions" with good humour. Reaccess your sensitivity by healing your inner child.

Be creatively playful often - in order to step into the full light of your Dreamspell Galactic Signature more fully.

Innocence, spontaneity, play, magic, inner child, humour, disruption, artistry, monkey, trickster, transparency.

Yellow Human

Become self-nurturing by finding what brings you joy and fulfillment. Be willing to "not know," to be empty so that you can be filled by expanded consciousness. Befriend your mind. Use your body as a receptor for higher frequencies.

Cleanses will empty and prepare your vessel for higher frequencies.

Abundance, harvest, open vessel, quickening, cornucopia, free will, choice- maker, responsibility, ambitious, influential, chalice, emptiness.

Red Skywalker

Explore your growth edges by facing challenges. Draw the light of courage and compassion into yourself and radiate it to others. Look at life as a sacred journey.

Time/space traveller, angelic messenger, courage, new directions, mysterious journey, explorer, fluid reference points, skywalker, pillars of heaven, compassion.

White Wizard

Develop a clear connection with divine will and your Essence Self. Be transparent, innocently allowing magic to come through you rather than needing to create it. Open to heart-knowing and limitless possibilities.

Integrity, heart-knowing, alignment with divine will, magician, shaman, night-seer, priest, enchanter, psychic, jaguar, torch bearer, magic.

Blue Eagle

Learn to temper service with nourishment and rest. Believe in yourself! Follow your own visions and dreams. Remember the purpose and commitment you have in the larger pattern.

Amethyst will guide you to your highest potential.

Visionary, compassionate service, committment, global consciousness, belief in oneself, receiver, dreamer, hope, dreams and visions, planetary mind.

Yellow Warrior

Establish your divine connection. Become a direct conduit for Spirit. Trust in your mystical intelligence. Attune yourself to the clear signals from your inner guidance.

Grace, trust, inner voice, fearlessness, courage, cosmic consciousness, high standards, galactic conduit, mystic transmission, divine communication, golden pillar, ferryman's staff, reception, intelligence.

Red Earth

Be centered in the present moment. Observe without drawing conclusions. Allow the larger pattern to emerge. Remember your choice to come to Earth in this unique time of transformation.

Let the whales be your guides.

Grounding force, synergy, centeredness, wholeness, synchronicity, galactic alignment, Earth Force, fluid world resonance, clue tracking, crystal healing, shield.

White Mirror

Look at the mirrors provided by other people and life situations as gifts. See how you maintain the illusions in your life. Use discrimination. Face your shadow. Look in the mirror. Wield the sword of truth in your life to release and forgive.

The Pathwork of Self Transformation, by Eva Pierrakos, will help you to be.

Reflecting others back to themselves, endlessness, shattering truth, clarifier, spiritual warriorship, discrimination, timelessness, clarity, hall of mirrors, sword of truth, facing shadow, integration of paradox.

Blue Storm

Step free from denying and judging your experience. Access your Essence Self to carry you through the intense feelings that accompany profound growth. Turn your transformation over to Spirit, surrendering all that perpetuates the illusion of separation. Discover the freedom of the true adventurer, the freed "actor" who can play any part at any moment without attachment.

Catalyst, transformer, liberator, activation for ascension, purification, light body, transformation, reunion, thunderbeing, lightning path, initiation by fire, ecstasy of freedom, self-generation.

Yellow Sun

Being love's presence sets you free. Examine your concepts of self and divinity. Practice the art of acceptance and allowance in order to embody unconditional love.

Work on opening your crown chakra. Bathe your countenance in sunshine whenever you get the chance - and breath in love-energy.

Illumination, fire, cosmic/christ consciousness, bliss, union, wholeness, unconditional love, crown chakra, ascension, solar mastery, lanuage of light, ecstasy, limitless bliss, enlightenment, universal fire.


Please find the Tone of your Classical Mayan Daykeeper below. Remember to synthesize the meaning of your tone, below, with your Daykeeper above.



Unconditional love, the one heart, indivisible essence, core vibration, new beginnings, chalice of the infinite, All That Is.

Take Action!



Loom of reality, sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female, duality.

Actively move towards learning through relationships.



Movement, change, flow, current, creativity, integration, sacred trinity.

Actively move towards service.



Order, definition, discrimination, natural cycles, meaningful alignment.

Actively move towards creating a stable form.



Core purpose, central intent, foundation, place of centeredness, simplicity, acceptance of your humanness.

Actively move towards radiating your light!



Receptivity, ability to respond, dynamic equilibrium, roots in many directions.

Actively move towards bringing balance into your life.



Mystical alignment, self-acceptance, technician of the sacred, direct connection with the Source.

Actively move towards being an open channel.



Empowerment, galactic grid, path of the one heart.

Express your Integrity!



Completion, expansion, mastery, larger cycles of time, fulfillment, grand design.

Actively pulse your intention.



Intention, true identity, foundation of Essence Self, aligned manifestation.

Actively move towards manifesting what your heart desires.



Change, disintegration, letting go, stripping away, complexity moving to simplicity and liberation!

Actively let go in order to liberate your True Self.



Stability in expansion, greater constellation, union of polarity, framework of connectedness.

Actively move towards cooperation.



Wild card, unseen forces, unexpected change, open system, touch of destiny, interdimensional shift.

Actively move towards transcendence.


These excerpts are from the book, "The Mayan Oracle - Return Path to the Stars" by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner - Click here to email Ariel and purchase a signed copy Ariel gave me permission to re-print parts of her book here - thank you Ariel!

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