Combining Western and Mayan Astrology


The Overlay Chart


I invite western astrologers and non-astrologers alike to experiment with this chart.

New insights will be gained!

The idea for combining the western chart with the 13-day Wavespell came to me a couple of years ago. I remember that the day after I came up with the idea (or it came through me!) I read an article on how our 12-strand DNA was being 'overlaid' (I kid you not!) by a 13th strand. Read about my excitement here. (the article is linked to, as well) Since then I have experimented with it with all of my friends and I have to say that we were blown away with how it really does work...

In western astrology the natal chart has 12 houses - and in mayan astrology the wavespell is 13 days long. It made sense to me that the houses/days would correspond and that the 13 'left over' day would represent the totality of the natal chart. All of who you are. As the 13th day says, "surrender to the perfection of the larger pattern"! Perfecto. The total you is perfect.

I suggest that you take it slowly so the massive amount of information doesn't start to overwhelm you and dilute the meaning. A little at a time!

So...let's start here:

Generate your western astrological chart here and then print it out.

1. If you don't already have an Astrodienst account, register, it's free!
2. Add your birth information. (and up to 100 people)
3. Go to "Extended Chart Selection"
4. Choose who the Horoscope will be for
5. Select Natal Chart and Transits*
6. Web default style is fine
7. KOCH House system
8. Click to show the chart!

Take a look at this Overlay example chart.

Now, if you are completely new to western astrology open up this third window here. This site is an excellent resource on how to interpret your chart.

Now that you have these windows open, arrange them so you can easily move between them.


1. Print out your chart.

2. Find your Wavespell here. If you don't know what your Galactic Signature is yet find it here

3. Starting with the first day of your Wavespell, insert the first day Daykeeper in your 1st house. Insert the 2nd day Daykeeper in your 2nd house and so on. When you get to the 13th Daykeeper, insert him/her in the very center of your chart.

You will notice that your Galactic Signature's Tone will correspond to the same House #.

Example chart: Crystal is Tone 12 and so my Galactic Signature falls into the 12th house - very apt, I have to say, for someone with such strong Neptune/Pisces energies! (because Neptune and Pisces, naturally, rule the 12th house) Neptune conjunct my Mercury in the 1st house and Saturn in Pisces)

4. Now that you have all the Daykeepers inhabiting your houses let's begin.

5. Start by asking the question that corresponds to each house - then make correlations with the planet and sign that inhabits that house. If there isn't a planet in the house, just look to the sign.

Example chart:
Q: How do I call forth the resonance of my true vibration? (Day 1/House 1)
A: I do so with my Scorpio energy. With Mercury and Neptune conjunct. (see planetary keywords below or at the learning site to understand the symbolism of the signs/planets)

Q: What does my heart desire to manifest? (Day 10/House 10)
A: My heart desires to manifest Leo energy (there are no planets there) The astrologers in the bunch would then be led to Leo's ruler, the Sun in the 2nd house for extra information on what my heart desires to manifest.

The Questions:

Day/House 1: How do I call forth the resonance of my true vibration? Tone 1: Magnetic
Day/House 2: What are my relationships teaching me? Tone 2: Lunar
Day/House 3: How does my creativity express my spiritual journey? Tone 3: Electric
Day/House 4: What form will my spiritual journey take? Tone 4: Self-Existing
Day/House 5: What is my Core Purpose? Tone 5: Overtone
Day/House 6: How do I balance the male & female within in order to bring Heaven to Earth? Tone 6: Rhythmic
Day/House 7: What can I do to stand in the light of my full mystical power? Tone 7: Resonant
Day/House 8: How do I resonate harmoniously with the New Golden Octave? Tone 8: Galactic
Day/House 9: How do I shine the light for others? Tone 9: Solar
Day/House 10: What does my Heart Desire to Manifest? Tone 10:Planetary
Day/House 11: What do I need to let go of in order to reveal my emerging Wholeness? Tone 11:Spectral
Day/House 12: How can I utilize my relationships to explore and expand any of my self-limiting constructs? Tone 12:Crystal
Day/Center of Chart 13: How do I surrender to the perfection of the larger pattern of my Essence Self? Tone 13:Cosmic

6. I've found that the most relevant Daykeepers are the one's that inhabit a house that a natal planet also inhabits. Start by reading the Daykeeper Keywords of the Daykeeper that falls in the same house as your Sun, the most important planet you have. Then read all the Daykeepers that inhabit the same houses that your planets do. Make correlations. (easy to say, I know, if you're not new to western astrology!) Use the learning site, above.

The order of importance of your natal planets (generally, but not always!):

Sun - who you are and who you are becoming
Moon -
your emotional life. what makes you feel safe and secure. how you feel.
Ascendant (1st house) -
the lens through which you see the world. how others see you.
Saturn -
your life lesson. your challenge and your gift. what you fear.
North Node
- this looks like a the 'eye' in the 'hook and eye'. I love the north node - because it shows you where your soul wants to go, in this life time. If you look exactly opposite the north node that is where the south node would be, if it were shown in the chart. This is where your soul is coming from (past life indications) and where it feels comfortable. can't rest there in this life - you must leap towards your north node. This would be an excellent Daykeeper to read.
Mercury -
how you conceptualize. how you communicate.
Venus -
your values. who and what you like.
Mars -
how you get what you like! where you put your energy. your ego. your libido
Jupiter -
where there is abundance in your life. your belief system. where you expand and grow.
Uranus -
your unique spark. where you might be rebellious. personal freedom.
Neptune -
your spiritual self. higher vibration of love. acceptance. intuition. dreams. but...also drugs, drinking, self-delusion. Neptune is not of this world!
Pluto -
where your power lies. transformation. intensity. healing.


For a short run down of the energies of the houses:

Ascendant and 1st: the lens through which you see the world. Your Personality. Persona. How others see you.
2nd: Self-value. Money and posessions.
3rd: Communication, writing, short journeys, neighbours.
IC and 4th: Your past (even past lives), childhood, family, home. Your 'inner home' within.
5th: Fun, pleasure, love-affairs, self-expression.
6th: Service, day to day work, employers, the feeling of 'duty'.
7th: Relationships. Any one-on-one relationships business or romantic. Marriage. Contracts.
8th: Sex, death, other people's money. Strange house, I know! It belongs to Scorpio/Pluto. (there ya go!) All the 'mysteries' that people don't usually want to talk about. Deep psyche stuff.
9th: Long distance travel, foreign places and ideas, philosophy, religion, law, consciousness expansion.
MC and 10th: This is the absolute top of your chart....imagine that you're climbing up a mountain: the mountain of Awareness.....Freedom. Or....Career. For other, perhaps an Avocation: your Calling, Life Objective, status and respect in the outer world. Your reputation.
11th: Hopes and Dreams for the future. Groups. Community. Friends. This house is hard to pin down - ruled by Aquarius/Uranus, it's no wonder. 'Expect the unexpected' is the motto here.'s as unique as you are.
12th: Deep, dark well: sink into it or swim in it. It's the 'other-worldly' house. Non material. On a positive level shows you where you're plugged in to your Higher Self. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to just not get what's going on here (indicated by the planet that is in there). Hard to see through the veil or darkness. You need to TRUST in the energies represented by any planet inhabiting this house (or Daykeeper).

Example chart: My Sun/Venus sits in the 2nd house (self-value, $) and is ruled by Yellow Star. Now....Yellow Star, in my Signature is my Challenge! And, you can see the red lines (challenging aspect) running towards my Venus - from those intense planets (including Saturn, the planet of Challenge itself). Soooo - this gives me much more insight into my Life Lesson. Developing self-confidence and feeling secure in my self-expression (5th house Saturn and Yellow Star connection) that I shine...

7. The next thing to look at is transiting planets (the planets out there right now). They are the green planets on the outside of your natal chart. They go around your chart counter-clockwise. The outer planets move verrrry slowly (spending about 7 to 9 years per house) and the inner planets move more quickly. The Moon spends only 2 to 3 days in a house (such is the shifting 'moodiness' of the Moon/emotions!)....Mercury, Venus and Mars all spend roughly 1 month in a house. Jupiter spends about 1 year in a house and Saturn (task master!) spends about 2 to 3 years in a house.

So, read the day keeper that is inhabiting the same house as the (green) transiting planet. Make correlations. (using the learning site or the quick keywords I've created above)

For those of you that know a little something about transits you'll notice that when a transiting planet (pay more attention to the outer planets starting with Saturn) makes an aspect to one of your natal planets this is when the energy of the Daykeeper will really come to the fore.

Example chart: In January 2005 Pluto just started to square my Saturn (major transformation of my limiting beliefs, structure of my life). Saturn is in my 5th house (love affairs, creativity, fun).....Now, usually, I'm one for the long-term, 'serious' relationships (how very Saturnian!)....and when I have friends over (usually just one at a time) I noticed that I was very 'serious about fun' and that my fun had to be a bit serious at the same time. It just so happens that Blue Monkey rules my 5th house. How appropriate!!! (Blue Monkey's axis is exactly : spontaneous playfullness/fun vs seriousness!) Of course....I ended up meeting a Blue Monkey and had a quick love affair (not usual for me at all).....then a couple of months later met yet another Blue Monkey and this one has turned out to be longer lasting although had all the ear-marks of a 'love affair' - vs the 7th house 'marriage' type relationship. Now that really blew me away! When I saw that happening I knew that, at least for me, this mayan overlay really works - and just gives me more insight into myself and what energies are out there right now for me to ride....and let go into.

You can also see that Pluto is at 22 degrees (the green column of numbers shows where the planets are transiting) and my natal Saturn is at 22 degrees and that Pluto is making the square from my 2nd house, ruled by Yellow Star. And, since January 2005 I certainly have expressed myself much more. (friends and family can't believe the transformation, it's crazy)

Another example: Uranus (unexpected radical change) is transiting my 4th house (home, family) and as soon as it began too trine my Ascendant and square my Sun I moved to Sayulita, Mexico! Uranus is transiting my White Dog house. White Dog, ruling the heart, guides you to your companions of destiny...and I definitely felt guided (White Dog happens to be my Guide in my Signature too). Read how I was guided to Mexico here.

8. Next: See if any of your Galactic Signature Daykeepers inhabit any of the houses. Combine their energies with the planets, if any, in the house.

9. See if any of your friends or romantic interest (I just can't bring myself to say 'partner' - it's not a business!) central Daykeeper inhabit any of your houses. Notice what they may be helping you with.

10. Of course there is no end to the exploration - this is just one tool that, if it resonates with you, you can come back to again and again. As the planetary energies move, you meet new people....the pattern becomes very clear!


Hope you get many 'ah-ha!' moments!

Any feedback or something you'd like to share? Email me: tracey*
(the * is a @)