It is my desire to offer this website as a Center where you can find Tools for your inevitable Transformation.

The world is transforming and so are you!



Every day something new is born. You are a creative, dynamic, exploding wonder, and you are going to change every day. New parts of your being are going to come forward daily, and every new experience will show you a new's all there in a beautiful every-changing pattern, and that is the wonder of it! If you will stop trying to freeze the patterns into the perfect form, you can enjoy the movement of the parts.


As the planet moves towards Wholeness, every one of you has the same opportunity. It is a magic time, and you were wise to pick this time to be here.....

Bartholomew as channeled by Mary-Margaret Moore



Two new pages up including my Pre-Cognitive Dream page




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At long last I have updated all the Wavespell Dates so if you need to find out when your next Wavespell is click here! April 18, 2014

Did you hear the Call? Are you here as a Generator or Antennae volunteering to help raise the vibration of our planet? Check out the ever-fascinating Dolores Cannon excerpt from her book on her hypnotherapy cases. Wow! April 18, 2014

I'm feelin' inspired these days since the New Moon in White Cosmic Wizard and Libra on October 4th, 2013 and in the magical spirit of White Wizard I am developing a set of pages called, "The Magical Approach." I am suuuuuper excited! Check out some of the topics. More content is coming soon :)

Yay, I finished the page called Pre-Cognitive Dream! It's about a dream that I had in 2002 that took 6 years to come true - and it gave me goosebumps when it did, of course! Oct 28, 2013

I had a vision of myself (only my legs!) that felt like it was about 15 years in the future....and then it came true... Oct 29, 2013

What happens when you've given the Universe an ultimatum to show you where to go within 24 hours and it does....and you find it wasn't just a road sign to get away for a couple of months - no. It was a road sign pointing you to a massive life change! What Magical Processes are at work here? Oct 29, 2013

Here is a Magical message from my Grandmother after she died... Oct 29, 2013


When I say, "Just be yourself," I am saying to you, "Just be unprogrammed, unconditioned awareness."

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The Happy Virus

I caught the happy virus last night

When I was out singing beneath the stars.

It is remarkably contagious -

So kiss me.


More poems by the Sufi, mystic 14th Century Persian poet, Hafiz





Are you in the middle of your personal 13-Day Wavespell?
At long last, I have finally updated all the Wavespells again!

We entered a brand new vibration on July 26th, 2013 with Yellow Galactic Seed Year!




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NEW: Edgar Cayce's 3-day Apple Fast - cleansing pages

Tensegrity: Magical Passes from the Carlos Castaneda lineage

!NEW! Combine movement with an exciting meditation that balances your "Five Strands of Power"

Oil Pulling & Swishing!

NEW - Master Cleanse!

Got the Blues?
I just made a page on how to Cure the (Saturn) Blues

Did you volunteer to come to earth to help raise the vibration? Check out Dolores Cannon's excerpt here!

Bartholomew's "Egg of Potential" meditation

Activate your Inner Hero Exercise to expand
into all that you are!



New! - Visit my favourite Dream Interpretation site and learn about your spiritual gifts revealed through your dreams:



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My Very Personal and Very Trippy Crop Circle Experience!






NEW! Check out the new In Lak'ech T-shirts here!

I updated all the Personal Wavespell Pages - yay! April 18, 2014




!NEW! Learn how to Generate your Natal Astrological Chart and start to interpret your own chart!

NEW! Order your FREE Edgar Cayce Past Life Report here

What Moon Phase were you born under? Find out the significance...

Gain some insight into your western astrology chart by using the Sabian Symbol Degree Meanings here!





"Eat Pray Love" and my experience with asking for guidance

Check out the inspiring and very interesting Russian book, "Anastasia"




The every popular and fascinating Qi Cycle page with newer links for more details










I think my website will always be under construction...a work in progress!

When I was about 10 years old (aren't we our most creative at that age? with no self-consciousness?) I made a wallet out of orange construction paper. It was a labyrinth in there. I'd made so many different pockets and fold out sections that it was like navigating a maze to find anything in there! I see now that what I have created here with my website is a direct reflection of my orange construction-paper wallet.
How I loved that wallet.
I love this website, too.
I hope that some of my love transfers to you and you enjoy the journey through this maze, that was dreamt of by my 10 year old self, too!

You can contact me at tracey*
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